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Moniot Road (east and west)

The Moniot Road trail starts at resting place 84, see the Moongate to 84 trail. This trail was one of the first trails in the Penang hills. The first who surveyed the area was Frenchman Michel Jules Moniot, around 1844-1845. The trail is nowadays divided by the funicular railway. There is a railway station (Viaduct Station) where you can board the train.

Moniot Road Information

East Moniot Road

It takes about an hour to hike from 84 to Viaduct Station, about half way the hike. At the beginning of the trail at 84 there is a signboard with some historical facts of the 160 years old trail.

Moniot Road East
First part of Moniot Road East

At first the trail is easy. It follows the hill slopes. You might see some capuchin monkeys making noise above you but they're not aggressive towards humans.

On the way you will have some views towards the green hill slopes of Bukit Cendana.

View to Bukit Cendana
Bukit Cendana

Within 10 minutes or so the trail starts to climb slowly up.

Walk until you arrive at a Y-junction. To your left is a warning for dogs, so take the right path which start climbing up further. Parts of the path are stone slabs and/or cement but most is natural.

Which path? Left or right?
Which path? Left or right? Take the right!

At one point you will have to use your 4 limbs to climb up but that is soon over until you reach the landslide area. In 1995 a landslide destroyed this part of the Moniot Road.

Which path? Left or right?
Which path? Left or right? Take the right!

Just a few minutes before reaching the landslide area, there is a fork in the path. To your left the path levels moderate while on the right it ascends steeply. You can take both as both paths join further on.

Steep up at Moniot Road Steep up at Moniot Road
Two times steep up

Both the diversions brings you up to Viaduct Road and Viaduct Station. You can take the train up/down from here.

Moniot Road, Viaduct Station

West Moniot Road

From here on the road is paved and wider. You're now in cultivated lands. After about 10 minutes you will pass the junction to Fairmont. Keep direction to Brothers Bungalow (yellow marker boards) which is about 20 minutes away. It's all a pleasant walk up to Buddha Light Vihara where you have some good views over the north and east part of Penang including the Penang Bridge.

Jucntion Fairmont-Brothers Bungalow

The road is nowadays in excellent condition. It ascends slowly up to a point where it will swindles steeply up to the Nature Lodge and ends a bit further at St. Brelades and the Summit Road. There are countless other connecting paths from Moniot Road to the Summit Road. These will give you possibilities to see more bungalows.

You can make the hike longer by taking the forest trail before the steep ascending to St. Brelades to your right. This trail runs along a hill, will pass a junction in 20 minutes which crosses a stream and continues in another 20 minutes to the Summit Road (Penang Hill is 45 minutes from here). The junction offers possibilities to reach Tiger Hill and Air Itam (Kek Lok Si) via an alternative way.

Although on the way there are some nice bungalows, to me, this trail was less satisfying than the eastern part.

View to Penang Bridge

Once on the Summit Road you have several choices:

  1. Go to Penang Hill (about 30 minutes walk) and take either the funicular train to Air Itam or walk back to the Botanical Gardens using the Summit Road
  2. Continue to Tiger Hill, Tiger Hill Valley and further to 5 Way Junction and Air Itam Dam, see this page for details.
  3. Continue to Western Hill from where you can hike to Batu Ferringhi.

Cycling the Moniot Road

The Moniot Road East is only partly to be cycled, some parts are simply too steep and too rough to bring your bike (and it really should be a mountain bike!). You can however cycle from Penang Hill to the junction Brothers Bungalow and further to Viaduct Station. If you cycle this way, on the way to Viaduct station there is a road (the first after Brothers Bungalow junction) which leads to Air Itam.

View to George Town


Below are 2 maps of Moniot Road East and West:

Moniot Road East

Moniot Road West

Map is taken and modified from: Nature Trails of Penang Island,
Malaysian Nature Society, Penang Branch, Currently Out of Print.


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