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Mavic rims are together with Bontrager the best choice for you rims. Every serious cyclist knows that. Find on this page a selection of Mavic rims and other accessories that are now in auction.

My present set of Mavic rms
My present set of Mavic ceramic X618 rims

I have been cycling with Mavic. Mavic has an excellent range of rim products for both road and mountain biking. I was willing to write I have always had good experiences with Mavic but that isn't true. The reason some experiences were not good was that the rims I used were too light for touring.

But once I had figured out what I needed, I never wanted others. Sure, I used Bontrager for some time, which were excellent too but I am glad I am back with Mavic. These X618 ceramics are excellent, several years old model though (though were hard to find in Malaysia).

With rims, like with all the other accessories on your bicycle, go for quality, it's better to spend more money on your bicycle before leaving than waste money and time while being on the road. Get strong rims.

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