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Map of Xingping

Here's the local map of Xingping and the roads north of the little town. On this map you will find many of the mountains which are well worth a visit. The names of the mountains describe mostly what the shape or the purpose of the mountains is. Names Pen Holder Hill, Crown Cave or Camel Hill are just some examples of the many beautiful and weird shaped limestone mountains in and around Yangshuo. This map of Xingping gives you a nice introduction.

The river on this map is, of course, the Li River. The distance between Yangshuo and Xingping is about 25 km by road

Map of Xingping

This map was one of the many maps I collected when I was in Yangshuo.

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The other most spectacular area of limestone mountains lies around the little town Xingping, 22 km north of Yangshuo on the west bank of the Li River.