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Map of Sulawesi

Sulawesi which was known in the past as Celebes is one of the four larger Sunda Islands of Indonesia. It's location is north of Java and east of Kalimantan.

Makassar Parepare Watambone Tana Toraja Lake Poso Bada Valley Cave tombs of the Toraja Map of Sulawesi



The map includes a few more details then other maps offer. However, we also offer a nice overview map that places Sulawesi in the bigger picture of Indonesia.

The map offers only the route I have traveled myself. The idea is to give you an idea of distances and possibilities. Personally I love maps because it gives me the opportunity to put things together. Hopefully you will find the map of Sulawesi useful too.

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cave tombs of Tana TorajaHere is more about the routes I traveled in Sulawesi

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Lake Poso

Again a place most travelers skip. Lake Poso is an amazingly beautiful lake where time seems to have stand still. The area is not easy to travel so facilities are sparse but it is all made up by the beautiful people who, if you are in for it put you on a jungle trekking to Bada Valley

Lake Poso

Jungle trekking to Bada Valley

This was an amazing and not in advance organized part of my journey. But it was really great. And Bada valley had some amazing things to show me: the Megaliths.

Jungle trekking to Bada Valley

Jungle trekking to Bada Valley

Tana Toraja

The most famous place to visit in Sulawesi is Tana Toraja. The spectacular cave burial areas and, if you are lucky, a memorable few days of a funeral which is an amazing experience.

Tana Toraja

The cave tombs of the Tana Toraja

Makassar, Parepare and Watambone

Although few travelers take the time to visit Parepare and Watambone these two towns certainly have their charms. Even if it is for being away from the main tourist trails

Makassar, Parepare and Watambone