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Map of Yunnan

I like maps and the map of Yunnan is no exception. In fact, wherever I go, I take maps with me and buy them too. Often I traveled with local map. I love maps, before leaving on a journey I start imagining what can possibly be seen. In general the real world is different.

Here's more about what type of map you would want to use,  For stories about cycling and traveling with either no or a local map, please read here more

Maps are an essential part of the cyclists luggage. But if you have the choice, bring a map or GPS? My view? I prefer maps. GPS is more electronics, more can break and you're walking around with another useless part you can't fix.

That is of course if you travel outside the Western world. No sir, give me an ordinary map. That works fine, weights close to nothing and give you possibilities to talk to locals.

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Map of Yunnan

This map is a rough sketch of the areas described in the texts. Obviously not all the cities and towns are mentioned on this map. This map only shows roughly the directions I have cycled in Yunnan.

As you can see on this map, I have covered most of the province though that doesn't mean I am an expert on all of Yunnan. Yunnan has the size of France. And there's lots to see.

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Cycling without a map

Going on the road without a map is like trying to ride a bicycle without peddles. Here's what can happen:

Cycling without a map


What kind of map is useful for a cyclist? What is a preferable scale? Where do you buy them?

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