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A Malaysia Travel Guide is useful to explore the country, especially if you are going away from the well traveled paths. We offer a good selection for the best prices on the internet of Malaysia travel guides.

The usual question is if you need a Malaysia Travel Guide. The usual answer is ... if you don't want to dig much in the country and if you have time to sort out things with the locals, no.

However, it can be usual. Here's why a travel guide can help you finding some gems in the country.

Whenever I am I try to find old (mostly rotten) houses. Wandering through George Town can be extremely interesting. One day I passed the building below. It turned out to be the Shi Chuing Branch School.  Or better, what is left of it. There's no signboard, no story what this building is and no one around who can tell me the story.

Shi Chuing Branch School in Penang
Walking through Penang, Malaysia and seeing this building ...
no signboard ... what's going on ... your travel guide will explain

Later I found out this was originally a school and that renovation of the project is difficult as the idea seem to be to turn the building into a Buddhist centre-cum-columbarium. You will a guide book or a local guide to explain this. So it's good to bring your guide book.

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