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Cycling from Malacca to Klang via Port Dickson

The road from Malacca to Klang turned out to be (for the most) a very pleasant and very relaxed ride. I cycled out of Malacca following signs to Tanjung Keling.

It seemed this was the way back onto the trunk road number 5.

10km out of Malacca on the way to Port Dickson

The first kilometers were busy and Malacca city is stretched a long way north along the coastline. Soon I was back in the tranquility of the palm oil plantations and empty lands. Life in this area seemed to be as far away from the modern world as you can get. I passed small kampong, had a stop in Mashid Tanah, which looked bigger then it really was. After the town I took the junction west to Kampong Kuala Linggi.

Just before Malaysia's Gold Coast
Just south of Port Dickson, another Gold Coast

Every once in while I got a glimpse of the sea but this area was not yet developed (one could read "destroyed") for tourism. After Kampong Kuala Linggi, Port Dickson was not far.

South of Port Dickson was rebuild in a Gold Coast area with plenty of 4 and 5 star hotels, food courts and shops.

Here and there it seems there was a nice beach but with oil platforms and tankers in the Straits of Malacca I didn't feel it was a real competitor for Pangkor, Penang or Langkawi.

Malaysia's Gold Coast
The road from Port Dickson to Morib, with signs in the area name
this Malaysia's "Gold Coast" - I wonder why....

It was too artificial without any atmosphere but it must be popular for people of the Kuala Lumpur area which was now nearby.

I spend the night just north of Port Dickson where there was nothing that could possibly hold me longer then absolute necessary. The next day turned out to be again very nice cycling. The trunk road now took me along Malaysia's Gold Coast as many sign let me believe this area is (see below) to Morib.

On the way to Klang, 75 km away
On the way to Klang, 75 km away. It looks like a big road
but in 25 km I could count the motorized traffic on one hand.

I was expecting Morib to be touristy area like the areas south of Port Dickson. Instead it was a dead area stretched along the beaches. I wanted to eat something but nothing was open. It seemed to be a town that only opens in holiday seasons and weekends. Still, at the southern port of the kampong, a few big hotels were being build.

After Morib the road swindles north to Banting. Just after Banting the road became again a motorway. Via Jenjarom, I cycled into Klang.

Candle factory just before Morib
Candle factory just before Morib

Signs in town were unclear as it seems the road builders seem to have expected people only want to go to Kuala Lumpur. It took me a while before I found the way out of Klang going north to Kuala Selangor. But by that time, I had already decided to stay a night in Klang.

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