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The road from Longsheng to Sanjiang

After a night in Longsheng town I cycled out to Sanjiang. It's not too far for a day cycling, around 75 km and the road is mostly flat as it follows the riverside.

A few km's out of Longsheng, I passed this Wind and Rain Bridge

A few km's out of Longsheng, I passed this Wind and Rain Bridge

Immediately after leaving Longsheng, I found myself back on a quiet road following the river. The first thing I saw a few kilometers out of town was a typical Dong Wind and Rain Bridge, a promise of what would come later the day.

Dam, a few km out of Longsheng
Dam in the early morning, a few km out of Longsheng

It was a very easy and quick ride. Along the riverside the mountains climb quite high up but my map didn't show any roads that potentially would cross the mountains. That said, there were some junctions with road leading in the mountains.

Longsheng to Sanjiang
Flat roads, nice scenery, good weather... excellent cycling circumstances

It had been quite cool in the mornings and I was glad I had bought a fleece jack in Yangshuo, which I really needed here.

Longsheng to Sanjiang

On the way I saw again signs of environmental destruction and deforestation. Some hills were literally blasted... see below. Destruction of natural resources happens everywhere.

Longsheng to Sanjiang

At several places, bridges with a small Dong towers and unusual wooden buildings:

Longsheng to Sanjiang

I was now close to the entrance of the Dong minority area. It was proven by bridges crossing the river ...

Longsheng to Sanjiang

The mountains were now further away. 26 km before Sanjiang I passed the Tongdao junction, a road that leads ultimately to Huaihua, almost 300km north in Hunan province.

The last km's to Sanjiang were not too interesting but to my surprise at the entrance of Sanjiang there was a huge Dong Tower build.

Dong Tower at the entrance of Sanjiang Longsheng to Sanjiang
Left: Dong Tower at the entrance of Sanjiang
Right: Village a few km before Sanjiang

I was very early, it was not even noon. So I decided to get a meal and cycle directly from Sanjiang to Chengyang Chiao, to visit again the Dong village and the most beautiful Wind and Rain Bridge. Here's more about that journey.

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