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More photos of the Liu Sanjie Show

The Liu Sanjie Show in Yangshuo is an amazing experience.

Director Zhang Yimou, the creator and director of the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, has created an amazing spectacle using the spectacular landscape of Yangshuo as a background for a love story.

If you love theatre or not, you will most certainly be be impressed by what Director Zhang Yimou has created here in Yangshuo.

Liu Sanjie Light show
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Liu Sanjie Lightshow Yangshuo Liu Sanjie Lightshow Yangshuo in Yangshuo Liu Sanjie Lightshow Yangshuo Liu Sanjie Lightshow

Considering the quality and the length of the show, we thought it would be a good idea to offer you some more photos, here they are.

Many of the actors in this show live and work at daytime in Mushan village, just a stone throw away from the theatre. You can climb on one of the nearby hilltops and see the theatre from above, see the photo below. In the evening the very hill top this photo was taken from the hill top next to the Snow Lion Riverside Resort.

liu sanjie photos The show's theatre in the Li River arm

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The other most spectacular area of limestone mountains lies around the little town Xingping, 22 km north of Yangshuo on the west bank of the Li River.



The ancient village Mushan is a must visit, not only for those who stay at the Snow Lion Riverside Resort, but for all travelers to Yangshuo.


Mushan village traditional house