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The Laos Guidebooks offered in our daily auctions (together with dvd's) are an essential addition to your journey to Laos, an amazingly beautiful and friendly country in South East Asia:

The road to South Laos

Pakse and Chapasak with Wat Phu are the obvious destinations together with the 4000 islands.

South Laos has also a beautiful small Khmer temple: Wat Phu.

South Laos


But the question really is if you need one. Well, here's one reason why you could obtain one of the Lao guidebooks.

I had come from China, started my journey in Kunming and arrived in Mohan, the boder town on the Chinese side. I had stayed a night in town and the next morning I crossed the border to Boten.

This was my first visit into Laos, and the only one without my beloved bicycle, which I would obtain years later. Crossing the border wasn't a problem but I had no idea where to go next. There was only one bus and it stated it would go to Oudomxai.

Well, I had to go anywhere, so I got this bus. It took several hours driving and finally I made it into town. It was already late. I couldn't see where I possibly could go but the bus station had rooms too. So I stayed there, together with cockroaches and rats.

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The next day I found out I could have gone to Muang Sing and Nam Tha too. Had I had a guidebook, I would have known. The day after, I took again a bus back to Boten and went further to Nam Tha and Muang Sing.

Old rotten busses on Highway 13 to Savanaketh
In the days of old rotten buses ... this was the bus I had into south
Laos when the highway to Pakse was still under construction

In the end it turned out to be interesting to have gone this way as now I continued to Huayxai and took the slow boat to Luang Prabang. But until Huayxai, I had no clue what I could possibly do in Laos. A Laos guidebook ... I missed it.

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