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Kuala Kangsar - the Royal City

Kuala Kangsar is located near Taiping and Ipoh and about 90 km from Pangkor island. As a royal city there's a few not to miss sites to visit.

Kuala Kangsar Ubudiah Mosque

Ubiah Mosque of Kuala Kangsar

There are a few options to cycle to Kuala Kangsar. If you come from either Betong or Penang via Baling, check these page for details:

If you come from Penang, you will stay most likely in Taiping, and continue to Kuala Kangsar this way:

For more ideas how to continue from Kuala Kangsar, check my Cycling in Perak page.

City center of Kuala Kangsar
City center of Kuala Kangsar, at first sight, not much of interest here

Kuala Kangsar Sultans PalaceSo what is interesting in town?

The town center is quite small but it stretches a little out in especially the western direction to Taiping for some kilometers.

It's why I always advice those who come from the north to skip the last part of road 76 and take the junction to Sauk (A11, which is a much more attractive road), plus... the last kilometers on road 76 do go quite a bit up and down.

There are a few hotels in Kuala Kangsar (Double Lion is OK). Although you can get a decent meal in town, it's not as extensive or as good as for example in Taiping or Ipoh.

The golden domes are a well known landmark in Malaysia. It is said to be one of the most beautiful Mosques in Malaysia. The Mosque was build by the government architect AB Hubback. You will find Moorish as Mogul style elements back in the design.

Kuala Kangsar Kuala Kangsar

The Ubiah Mosque is certainly worth the effort to go there.

Ubiah Mosque Kuala Kangsar

The Sultans palace is nearby, you won't have a nice clear view of the palace from nearby but if you cycle out of town to Ipoh, you might have some decent views from the opposite riverbank.

Galleri Sultan Azlan Shah
Galleri Sultan Azlan Shah close to the Ubiah Mosque

On a short distance from Ubiah Mosque is Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery. This is another former palace which was called Istana Hulu or Istana Kota. It was build in 1903 during the reign of the 30th Sultan of Perak. Today the Gallery features many faces by the now Sultan of Perak: books, souvenirs, etc.

Around the palace in Kuala Kangsar
Heritage houses all around the Royal Palace

In the area around the Sultans palace and the Ubiah Mosque you can find many heritage houses. Some are nicely restored to its former glory, others could have been done better. The house in the photo above is over 100 years old but I feel the restoration is so so done.

Heritage in Kuala Kangsar

The Istana Kenangan is also known as Istana Lembah dan Istana Tepas. It was built as a temporary mausoleum for Duli Yang Maha Mufia Sultan Iskander Shah (Marhum Kadasallah) while awaiting the completion of Istana Iskanderiah.

Istana Kenangan is also known as Istana Lembah dan Istana Tepas

Istana Kenangan, nowadays the Royal Perak Museum

Build in 1926, it is now converted into the Royal Perak Museum. It is worth a visit showing plenty of artifacts.

Kuala Kangsar

In the city center you will find several reminders of the military existence in town.

Kuala Kangsar

Kuala Kangsar has a small Christian community with a nice church next almost next to the main bus station in town.

Church of Ressurection in Kuala Kangsar
Church of Resurrection in Kuala Kangsar

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