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Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh via Parit

There are several ways that lead from Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh, Taiping, Pangkor and Gerik. On this page I will tell you more about the several roads that lead from Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh.

Parit to Kuala Kangsar

I had an almost empty road the whole way from Parit to Kuala Kangsar

There are basically three ways to cycle from KK to Ipoh. The most well known is the main road, road #1 that leaves Kuala Kangsar on the north side and turns in a long loop back to Ipoh. It's not my recommended road. The main reason: it's busy to very busy. Fortunately there are better and more interesting roads available. Both of these roads come eventually in Parit and from there to Ipoh using the 73 to Pusing and Ipoh. Before we're there, lets see what you can cycle.

Manong - using the A3 to Parit

In Kuala Kangsar, follow the road out of town in the direction of Lumut. After a few km you have left the city behind and you will find the hills to your right. There are a few slow climbs here, never high, never steep, never difficult.

Parit to Kuala Kangsar

Manong is located 21 km south of Kuala Kangsar. Should you be interested, there's some waterfalls and recreational areas but I didn't think they were much of interest.

Manong is a little forgettable town although on market days it might be worth to spend a little time hanging our at the market which is held on the north side of town, partly on the main road (near the Petronas petrol station).

Parit to Kuala Kangsar

There are two options to travel to Ipoh. In Manong there is a junction with the A154, and the A3. The A3 leads in the direction of Bruas but in Buluh Akar you turn left instead of right to Bruas on the 73. It's a T-junction.

Take the A154 and it goes all the way to the bridge crossing the Sungai Perak in Tanjung Belanja. (btw, if you take the A3 and turn to Ipoh you will pass Tanjung Belanja too.

South of Manong
South of Manong

Parit is only a few km from here.

Kuala Kangsar to Parit using the A164

This is far more challenging road. There is not a lot to see on the way but you will have to do a lot of climbing. And no, it's not very high but there are several parts where it is quite steep. In distance it does not make much difference compared to the Manong route. Parit is 45 km away.

To take the A164, get out of Kuala Kangsar on the north side and cross the Jambatan Sultan Abdul Jalil Kuala Kangsar bridge.

Entrance to Kuala Kangsar

After crossing, turn right. The road will end after about 40 km's at the junction with the A72, 3 km from Parit.

Parit to Kuala Kangsar
Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh on empty roads.

There are a few kampongs on the way from Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh (via Parit) but you will cycle for the most passing jungle and plantations.

Parit to Kuala Kangsar

Parit to Ipoh

From Parit to Ipoh is a pleasant and easy ride through the plantations on good roads, with not a lot of difficulties. It's a slow rolling road to Pusing and from there, you can visit Papan before reaching Ipoh, 17 km further.

Parit town center with clocktower

Parit is a surprisingly nice little town. Although there is to my knowledge no hotel nor homestay, it's good enough to get a drink in one of the many Kopi Kedai shops in the town center and admire the renovated shop houses in the streets. I was there once on market day which was quite interesting too.

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