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Krabi to Trang and Pak Meng

Most backpackers give the road from Krabi to Trang a miss. It's not for nothing. There's not a lot to see and Trang is certainly not the most exciting town in Thailand. However, it's a nice bicycle ride in south Thailand and a necessary stopover either for cycling further to Hat Yai or Satun.

On the road from Krabi to Trang
Fresh pineapples on the road side

Is it worth cycling to Trang? I've done it several times, up and down. This page handles the roads available from Krabi to Trang and the options to Koh Lanta and Pak Meng.

Getting out of Krabi is easy. It doesn't matter if you have stayed at Ao Nang or Krabi town, eventually you will cycle back to road #4 in the direction of the airport (7km) and Trang.

On the road from Krabi to Trang

Koh Lanta may be another destination. You can take a boat in Krabi but you can also cycle to Ban Khlong Phon (see the section about the road to Trang) or follow the direction to the Bo Muang pier.

Krabi to Pak Meng

Cycling in south Thailand: sunset at Pak MengMost of this road is identical to the road to Trang. At about 25 km from Trang you have to turn west to the coast and Pak Meng, where you find some small resorts.

From Krabi it's just over 100 km to Pak Meng. It's a local tourist destination. Thais from Hat Yai, Trang and even Bangkok come here to enjoy the beautiful beach.

It's a good stopover with some small resorts near the beach. During the weekends it can be a bit busy but during the week, you will have the beach for yourself.

To get there, cycle only as far as Sikao which is about 75 km away from Krabi. Take now the junction to Sikao (going straight leads to Trang) and follow the direction further to Pak Meng.

Just north of Pak Meng there's an aquarium to be visited. Many rare species can be seen here. It's a center for study of marine wildlife.

Although the beach is nice, there's not much to do further on. In case you do not want to visit Trang, you can continue cycling along the coast top Chang Lang and from there to Kantang. On this road there is a junction to a ferry. This is the better option as continuing on the road leads back to Trang.

There should be a hotel in Kantang but the last time I visited it was closed. Kantang is 25 km from Trang. It is a good stop over if you want to go south to Pak Barra and Satun.

Freewheeling the last km's from Krabi to Trang
Freewheeling the last km's from Krabi to Trang

Pak Meng to Trang

Cycling in south ThailandPak Beng is located 35 km west of Trang. If you decide not to visit Pak Beng you can easily make it from Krabi to Trang in one day. However, in the last 30km or so, you will have to deal with some hills.

Most of the road from Krabi to Trang is in general very quiet except in and around Krabi and Trang town center.

Accommodation in Trang

Like most of Thailand Trang has several good and cheap hotels. Outside the holiday season you should be able to get a room fairly quickly. However, during the school holidays and high season, plus the weekends, it might be a little more challenging.

To make a choice, use your favourite website to find recommendations and cheap deals:

Food can be found all over the city center, basically in the railway staion area towards the city's clock tower (Rama VI road). A bit further after the clock tower you will find the busy night market.

Clocktower in Trang at dusk>
Clocktower in Trang at dusk

Trang to Hat Yai

You may want to continue to Hat Yai. From Trang on you first will find cross a section of hills. Take the road to Phatalung, 63 km from Trang. From there you can cycle direct south to Hat Yai.

If you are ready for a serious long day, you may want to try your luck to follow the direction to the Phraisawan Falls.

Trang to Pathalung is 62km, Pathalung - Hat Yai is another 95.

Krabi to Trang
It's a pleasant road from Krabi to Trang in south Thailand.

Should you want to cycle Trang to Hat Yai in one day, I recommend anyway the direction via the falls (road 4122, with virtually no traffic at all), as it is the more quiet road and therefore you will skip at least 30 km on road 4 which is usually busy. In Ban Mae Khri you will be back at road 4, it's another 65 km to Hat Yai and from this point on there's no alternative road.

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