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Klang to Pangkor

I had finally arrive in Klang. The goal was to cycle from Klang to Pangkor island as I live in Sitiawan, 10km away from Lumut, the gateway to Pangkor island.

Mosque in Klang

Mosque in Klang

As many troubles I had to find my way in Klang, as easy it turned out to be getting out of the city. Klang was not as bad as Port Dickson had been.

Leaning tower of Teluk IntanThe city center was much more compact and the city had a few nice things to offer. The two Mosques in town were both quite nice although, with respect, no match for the Mosque in Kuala Kangsar.

I spend the night in Klang. The next morning I cycled out of Klang to Kuala Selangor. It was a busy 4 lane road, although the further I went from Klang, the less traffic I experienced.

Kuala Selangor was still about 35 km away. So it was a nice morning ride. I had an early lunch here but didn't stay to see the fireflies. The reason was simple, it was only 10.30am and I felt quite good for the next stage to Teluk Intan.

This was my first time on bicycle on this road. It wasn't particularly beautiful in this part of Malaysia. There were no hills, it was basically a long flat road. But with the wind in the back, I cycled easy. Before I knew it I was in Sabak Bernam. I wanted to stop here, have a drink and refill my water bottles but to my surprise it seemed all shops were closed.

Probably I didn't take enough time to sort it all out and, as I was cycling so easy, I decided I just could go as easy a bit further. Teluk Intan was not far.

I had been before in Teluk Intan. The town's pride and joy is an over 100 years old leaning tower, according to the locals, "just like Pisa, Italy". And yes, it is a leaning tower, and yes, it stands in the city center.

At first I was not much impressed with Teluk Intan but I had to change my mind when I spend some more quality time here.

Pasir Salak complex, 20km north of Teluk Intan at the river bank
Pasir Salak complex, 20km north of Teluk Intan at the river bank

There is a lot of heritage in very good condition. Unlike Ipoh where much heritage seems to be demolished, here time seems to have made a standstill.

It's a pleasant little town, a few proper hotels in the town center, a few more a little further away and apart of the historic town center there is Pasir Salak.

It's where the spirit of independence from the British got shape, where democracy was in Malaysia was born and therefore a important piece of the Malaysian heritage.

Should you stay a night in Teluk Intan, and decide to continue cycling north, a visit to Pasir Salak is a must.

Kampong on the way from Klang to Pangkor
Kampong on the way from Klang to Pangkor

Should you decide to cycle to Pasir Salak, follow the directions north out of Teluk Intan to Kampar and Ipoh. Outside Teluk Intan, take the junction to Kampong Gajah and follow directions to Pasir Salak.

There's no hotel at Pasir Salak anymore. So you have to continue either to Ipoh but Sitiawan and Pangkor are better alternatives. You can cycle from Pasir Salak to Bota Kiri, turn left to Air Tawar, Sitiawan, Lumut and Pangkor (27km, or right to Ipoh (55km). I have written an extensive page about Pasir Salak, click here to read more about Pasir Salak.

Trunk road #5 from Teluk Intan to Sitiawan
Trunk road #5 from Teluk Intan to Sitiawan

Alternative you can cycle from Pasir Salak north to Bota Kiri, after about 1 km turn left and follow the road to it ends, 5km further at the trunk road #5. Turn right to Sitiawan.

Officially not allowed but still used: slash and burn of the land
Officially not allowed but still used: slash and burn of the land

There are some very nice little roads going off the main road. For example, take the junction at Kampung Batu Lapan Lekir (just after the little bridge but before the Mosque (if you come from Teluk Intan). Cycle this road all the way to the end, which is at the sluices. Turn right, you're in Seri Manjung now). Follow this road until the 3rd traffic light and turn left. Next traffic light turn left and you're on the way to Lumut, 6km.

Back road from Kampung Batu Lapan Lekir top Seri Manjung
Back road from Kampung Batu Lapan Lekir to Seri Manjung

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