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If you have children you know how expensive bicycles are. Kid bicycles auction helps you reduce the costs and find the best deals on the internet.

Don't tell me kids won't be able to keep up with you on a bicycle journey. Take Johan, at the time 8 years old who cycled 200 km in 4 days with me in West Malaysia. Me on my own bike and he on his kid bike.

Children can easily join you on your journey. You would be amazed how much energy they have and how much there is to learn for them.

Many parents do not want to bring their child on a bicycle because "it is too dangerous". In reality it is more the laziness of the parent that holds them back.

Nancy and John Vogel did several bicycle journeys with their then twins and Nancy wrote a book about it.

I got a copy of Twenty Miles per Cookie: 9000 Miles of Kid-Powered Adventures which was an amazing book about a year on the bicycle through the USA and Mexico. It shows that children can have just as much fun in a bicycle journey as the parents and learn even more! This is essential reading, not only for parents considering a bicycle journey but for everyone who has the desire to make a dream come true.

So, get your child a bicycle and get on the road. It is a rewarding experience! 

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