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Kampong Chaam to Kratie via Chlong

Cycling out of Kampong Chaam to Kratie offers two options:

  1. Cross the bridge and direct after the bridge there's a junction to the left (north) which will follow the Mekong all the way to Chlong. This road is at some places paved but at many other places no more then a red dust road.
  2. Continue on Road 7 to the junction with road 72

Fishing in the Mekong, a few km out of Kampong Chaam on the way to Kraite
Fishing in the Mekong, a few km out of Kampong Chaam

I've done Kampong Chaam-Kratie twice, one from south to north, once the other way.

If you cycle out of Kampong Chaam you will cycle on highway 7. It's a 2 lane road with a relative large amount of traffic.

If you decide to cycle along the Mekong, you'll cycle on partly dirt roads. Easier is to take road #73 which starts after Suong and leads directly to Chlong.

In case you should need to, there are guesthouses in Suong but in July 3013 most of the town center was very dusty due to road construction.

The market, on the road side offers some good places to eat.

Several km's after Suong there is the junction to Chlong. There's no road sign but it's the only main junction to your left. There's some refreshment stalls and in the first km you will find a marker: Road 73, Chlong, 58km, so you know you're on the right track.

This is a quiet road. The first time I cycled it, some parts were still dirt roads but in July 2013 the whole distance to Chlong was nicely paved.

It's all flat and comfortable cycling through little kampongs where children yell the hellos to you.

After about 55km you end up at a T-junction, go right and cycle directly into Chlong town center.

Road 73 to Chlong, I cycled this road during the rainy season

Road 73 to Chlong, I cycled this road during the rainy season


Chlong is a small town at the Mekong riverside. Not surprising many people have their jobs related to the river. There isn't much to keep you long here but the town has a few basic guesthouses, a bank and ATM. And it's a good overnight stay after the just over 100km cycling from Kampong Chaam.

Temple in Chlong

The road to Kratie

Kratie is only 30km away. It is a nice ride along the Mekong river. There's no more than some local traffic on this (now all excellent) paved road.

From Chlong to Kratie on a piece of dust road
From Chlong to Kratie in 2010, this part of the road was in 2013 asphalted.

Some kilometers before Kratie the dust road turns into asphalt. You can easily cycle Chlong to Kratie within 2 hours. Time enough to catch a nice sunset at the Mekong riverside.

Sunset over the Mekong river in Kratie

Sunset over the Mekong river in Kratie

In case you come from Kratie and want to stay in Kampong Chaam, you might consider a night in Chlong too as from Chlong to Kampong Chaam is still just over 100 km. And although it's a flat road with an occasional little climb I thought it was just a ,little too far for a day. Maybe it was because I had a lot of rain.

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