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There is no country like Italy. The country is so full of history, it's sometimes hard to imagine people live in the 21st century! Rome, Florence, Naples, Geneva, Pisa and ... and ... and...

Cycling in Italy

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Lecce was the city in the heel of Italy. It had been a hot day with little to see. This was clearly a poorer part of the country.

Lecce itself was very nice. As some claim, it can't be more rococo than Lecce, in some ways even be grotesque.

I guess it was because the city doesn't see too many tourists, it is of course quite far from Rome, Florence and the north with all it's wealth. 

Lecce poststampAs you can see it was July 11th and I thought it was time to send some postcards home. So I bought some postcards and found me a chair and a cup of coffee to write.

It didn't took me long, and I went just before closing time to the local post office. After delivering the postcards, I realized I had one stamp too many. What to do with it?

The man in the office asked me if I had one more postcard, I could keep it with me with a nice stamp and he would stamp it on the spot.

Nope, no postcard left but wait... I had my diary!

I showed him. No problem! He gave me an enormous smile and stamped the stamp in my diary... special delivery he said. A nice little memory from a nice little town called Lecce. Check your Italy Guidebooks to find out more.

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