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There are nowadays several Iran guidebooks and maps available. However, when I crossed from Turkey into Iran I had nothing with me, not even a map.

Camping in Iran

Camping in Iran can be a truly unique experience. One time I thought I had met Ali Baba and the 40 Robbers. It turned out to be ....

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All I knew was that somewhere several hundreds of km away was the capital Tehran.

I felt it was a challenge. Crossing the border had been very easy despite the long row of waiting trucks. I had a visa, stamped out, stamped in and done. Ready to roll into unknown territory.

The first town I decided to stay was Maku, about 15 km from the border. It was a town of very little interest but at least I could try to find info. Tabriz, sure, a long way to go, no hotels sir. It didn't matter to me. I had my tent.

The next day I left. Several km's after Maku I arrived at a junction. Khoy, about 40 km. That sounded easy. Why not, what do I have to loose? A city will at least have a meal. So I went.

Mount Ararat, Turkey Iran border

When I arrived in Khoy it was not 1PM and I felt I could easily further. But how far? Fortunately I found a map, in Farsi but good enough to work with. And that map gave me a view on the world back. I went from Khoy to Salmas and from further into Iran. In Khoy I gave Mount Ararat a last look and went further into Iranian Kurdistan. Iran would turn out one of my all time favorite countries. But that is another story.

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Cycling in Iran

A hidden gem, that is what I would call Iran, one of my all time favorite travel and cycling destinations.

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