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Our Indonesia Travel Guides Auction offers the cheapest travel guides (books and DVD's) about Indonesia and all its islands you can find on the net. Everyday we have new offers.

Indonesia is a massive country. Like India it's more a continent than one country. The language and religion (for the most) binds people here together.

I was in Ende, central Flores. The midday was simply too hot to do anything. The locals understood that better than the foreigners.

Shops and offices were closed, just as my guidebook has explained. The only way to pass time was finding a hammock, a book and a fan. Even in this heat a swimming pool would be too much, leave the possible sunburn out.

The Three Colors Lake, Kelimutu
Kelimutu, 3 colors lake at Flores

I found me a hammock and sat slowly swinging under a fan. That was the moment a gecko found its way in the house. Gecko's are interesting and very useful animals. I'd seen many in the last weeks but while I was dozing off this one found it's way to my face and I woke up shocked to find something walking on my face. Not really something that happens often but I guess the gecko had no problem with the heat.

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