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India Travel Auction

The India Travel Auction can not show you what India really is: a massive cultural melting pot where daily magic and dust cooperate in a struggle for survival

Traveling in India

Taj MahalOne of the most fascinating is for sure India. Riding your bicycle through this country is another addition to the adventure.

Here is more about my year in India where I traveled from Kashmir, Ladakh to Sikkim and Assam, from the Andaman Islands to Chennai and from Mysore back to Delhi.

India changed my life in every way.

Traveling in India

Be prepared for India. It's an amazing country but it isn't always beautiful. Here's a short story.

The food in India can be amazing. Different states, different food. Some dishes can't be found in the north because they're typical south Indian dishes.

Such was the dosa, a flat pancake made of rice batter and lentils. I had have plenty of them in south India and I loved them. There are restaurants serving only dosa's, sometimes with menus of 30 different ingredients.

However in north India I asked a few times, and every time I heard the same thing: "it's not the season"!!! Not the season? It's not a vegetable, or a fruit... it's something you make in the kitchen. But than I understood. The restaurants didn't want to say they didn't know how to make them, as it is a typical south Indian dish! So they blamed the season!

Later on I found more interesting things on the Indian menus. Things like caco cola and fried children I found regularly. India is a country were everything is cheaper than it looks and spelling a serious art form. No India Travel Auction can prepare you for that. It's something you have to experience yourself. All you can do is prepare and expect something different. I loved India!

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