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During my visit to Hungary I had my Hungary travel guide book ready. It was my first bike ride outside Western Europe. I had prepared very well. What could go wrong?

Pecs was the city described as the pearl of south Hungary. It indeed was. And it was here where I could hear the sounds of the 11th century AD hear.

I went to the cathedral, a very nice large church but it was not that interesting. What WAS interesting was below the cathedral.

There were no electric lights in the 6th century church on which the cathedral had been build.

There was only candlelight. I was with 3 German girls. The church was a spiritual experience especially when other people were gone. The candlelight and the completely silence made me imagine the prayers mumbled by the monks 1000 years ago.

Of course I imaged it. Or so I thought because once we were out, one of the girls joked about the voices she had heard.

All four of us had heard the same thing! We heard voices from the past ... or was the suggestion so big everyone would imagine the same thing here? I will never know.

It's the kind of experience that you can't read in any Hungary travel guide book, but you can read it in books about the supernatural.

However, you will want to bring your own guidebook to the country. Even if you have already booked a tour, the background info is always useful.

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Cycling in Hungary

My journey in Hungary was my first journey outside west Europe.