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Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world. Should you put the map of Indonesia over the one of Europe with the most western point at western Ireland, the eastern border of the country would be close to Ural Mountains in Russia.

Borobudur, central Java

It's not surprising there are many popular travel attractions in Indonesia, given the size.

Still, many travelers concentrate on only a few attractions: Java and Bali. Again it's not surprising. With Java and a population of 135 million people it's easy the most populated island in the region.

Interestingly there are only 5 languages spoken while at, for example Sulawesi, with a population of only 16 million people there are 70 different languages spoken.

All the more interesting to spend quality time in Indonesia. But where to go?


First time visitors want, of course, to explore the wonders that made the country famous: Jakarta, Yogyakarta with the Borobudur and Prambanan, Malang, Mt Bromo and Bali. Yolo Java to Bali. This tour shows you exactly the ultimate highlights of Indonesia in 15 days.

Village in Lombok

Village in Flores

Another excellent option is to use the journey from Jakarta to Bogor, Bandung and ultimately to Yogyakarta. Have a look at this 6 days tour (which I did the other way around).

But if you are ready for a little more, I would recommend a more detailed visit to the highlights of Central Java. In 5 days you will visit Solo - Yogyakarta - Candirejo - Borobudur - Wonosobo - Dieng Plateau - Losari Plantation - Gedong Songo Temples.

Multiple Islands

You might want to see more than Java? This holiday package of 13 days goes to Java, Bali and Lombok. If you want to spice up your journey, think of Sulawesi. I went here during my first visit in 1997 and found it absolute amazing. Java, Sulawesi and Bali.


BaliNo doubt Bali is the place to be in Indonesia. It's paradise on earth. Or so "they" say. But whatever "they" say, I love it.

How about a Tour Bali by VW Convertible? Sound cool!

You will most certainly visit Ubud. Why not do some real adventurous things? Like white water rafting, jeep safari and mountain biking? Find out the details here!

But if you want to go deep into the Balinese culture, check Bali In Depth

These are only a few of the Bali adventures possible. Here are some more:


Old man in SulawesiThere's no doubt should be on your schedule for Indonesia. Located at the north of South Sulawesi is rich in culture and you will be completely knocked out by the culture of the people here. Check out the 4 days tour to South Sulawesi: Tana Toraja.


Lesser developed than Bali but no less interesting is Lombok. Lombok is especially interesting island and beach lovers including diving. You might want to visit Gili Nanggu or Gili Trawangan to enjoy the beauty of these north west Lombok islands.

Flores & Komodo

Flores and Komodo bring back many memories. Flores with it's magnificent culture and the equally magnificent Komodo nature is a hard to ignore journey. Flores & Komodo.

Day trips to Komodo are also possible: Komodo Island Excursion


Clearly the least visited of the main Indonesian islands is Kalimantan. If you are in for adventure, Kalimantan is the island to be. Kalimantan: Tribes and Villages


Sumatra is one of the few places on earth where orang utans still live. This North Sumatra tour offers you the possibility to see them. Alternative is to take a tour of 8 days and find all the spectacular sights of the island.

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