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Hoi An Town and Cua Dai Beach

Hoi An, My Son ruins and Cua Dai Beach are the main attractions in Central Vietnam. As a UNESCO heritage city the town has a lot to offer to tourist. Let's start with Hoi Ann town.

Hoi An

The town is known to the French and Spanish as Faifo. The name might have come from comes from the word "hai-pho" meaning "sea town".

The Japanese Bridge in Hoi An
The Japanese Covered Bridge in Hoi An

The location made the town an important trading sea port in central Vietnam from the 15th to the 19th century.

In 1999, the old town was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO as a well-preserved example of a Southeast Asian trading port of the 15th to 19th centuries.

The town buildings show a unique blend of local and foreign influences. The history of Hoi An goes much further back to the days that the Champas ruled south and central Vietnam.

A fishing village to be reach by boat from the town center.
A fishing village to be reach by boat from the town center.

The town center is not for nothing UNESCO Heritage City. With its ancient architecture, a blend mix of French and Vietnamese buildings, the craftsmanship and cultural tradition it is truly a unique place in the heart of the country. Think only about traditional kite making, a popular leisure activity of all Vietnam. In Hoi An you can find out how these fragile kites traditionally were and are made.

One of the more interesting things to see in Hoi An is the Japanese Bridge. The bridge dates back to the 16th when the Japanese had a settlement in Hoi An, at time called Hai Pho. The bridge is the only known covered bridge with a Buddhist pagoda attached to one side.

Hoi An boat ride on the river
Hoi An, boat ride on the river

There are several reasons why you would to visit like Hoi An town. One of the attractions is to get yourself some tailor made clothes. There are about 200 (at least it seemed that many) tailor shops producing any kind of clothes you want/need. Depending on what you want, it takes a few hours or a day before your clothes are ready. If you want to get yourself some new clothes, shop around before making any deals. (I let me made some clothes at the time, it was cheap, easy and quick done).

The small shops also sell "local produced" clothes. Check this carefully because not all is genuine local produced. Hoi An is is also famous for its centuries old cao lau noodles, only available in Hoi An. It's very easy to spend your money in Hoi An.

Cua Dai Beach

Hoi An is a few kilometers land inwards. The beach is about 3 km from the town center and it is worth a visit. In my view, the Cua Dai beach is nicer then the far more famous China beach, just south of Danang.

Cua Dai Beach
Cua Dai Beach

You can easily reach the Cua Dai beach by bicycle or motorbike (most of the hotels rent them). Taxies should cost about a dollar.

Hoi An Hotels and Accommodation

Hoi Ann has a wide selection of hotels and guesthouses. In high season Hoi An will be busy, so you will want to make reservations. When I was there, I had to spend a night on A matress in a corridor. So be prepared!

Fishing village near Hoi An
Visiting one of the many fishing villages in the area.

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