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Hiking in Teluk Bahang

There are some excellent trails to explore in Teluk Bahang, the small national park of Penang. The park is located in the far north west of Penang island and it's certainly worth a visit. The jungle of the park is different from the Bontanical Gardens and Air Itam area because it has a lot of influence of the sea winds. Therefore the jungle is wetter which also increases the chance of finding leeches on your trail. However, if you really want to "sweat out", this is your area.

Slideshow I made some years ago about Teluk Bahang

All trails I have explored start at the entry of the park where you have to register (no costs). For those who are interested in spending a night in Teluk Bahang, there are basic toilets at Pantai Kerachut.

Teluk Bahang national park
Start of the trails at Teluk Bahang

Trail 1: the trail to Pantai Kerachut

The 3 km trail starts at the entry point of the national park. Follow the main trail for about 10 minutes until you reach a bridge. Just after the bridge there is a T-junction. There are markers. Go left and look for steps which go steeply up. Follow this trail for about 70 minutes. You will pass several junctions but you have to skip these.

Teluk Bahang national park Teluk Bahang national park
The jungle around the Meromictic Lake

After about 70 minutes, you will see the Meromictic Lake on your left and the bridge ahead. Cross the bridge to reach the camping ground and the turtle hachery.

Teluk Bahang national park
Baby turtles truggling from the hatchery to the sea

You can do a complete walk around the lake which takes about 30-40 minutes and will show you some beautiful views of the lake, flora and fauna.

Teluk Bahang national park
View at Meromictic Lake

Trail 2: the trail to Monkey Beach and Muka Head.

This is an easy and popular trail especially during thew weekends. If you are interested to visit Muka Head (lighthouse) you have to make an appointment otherwise it will be closed.

Monitor lizard at Teluk Aling

The trail starts at the entry of the park. Walk to the bridge as mentioned above but go right and follow the trail along the Andaman Seas. It's a flat trail which is easy to follow.

Trek to Muka Head lighthouse Trek to Muka Head lighthouse

You can have a rest at teluk Teluk Aling and have a swim. The trail continues to Teluk Duyung (Moneky Beach). At the end of the beach there is a trail that leads up to the lighthouse. Some parts are cemented and stones while other parts of the trail are forest trails. There are no junctions so there's little chance to get lost.

Muka Head lighthouse Muka Head lighthouse
With clear weather, you can even see Langkawi!

The last part of the trail is partly steps before you will have a view at the lighthouse.

The whole trail takes about asn hour and a half. It's likely on the way you will see Longtail Macaques and monitor lizards. Don't feed the animals.

Teluk Bahang

Unfortunately I do not have information of a possible hike from the Muka head lighthouse to Pantai Kerachut

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