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Gua Tempurung, Kampar and the road to Pangkor

Gua Tempurung Caves

About 25 km from Ipoh you can find the Gua Tempurung caves and a little further Kampar town. The Gua Tempurung caves are some of the most beautiful and longest caves in Malaysia. They are hardly visited.

Inside the Gua Tempurung Caves
Inside the Gua Tempurung Caves

The caves stretch out for many kilometers in the limestone rocks. Over the centuries they have sheltered freedom fighters and refugees escaping from the Japanese in the Second World War. At some places you can still see the inscriptions.

Gua Temperung caves near Ipoh and Kampar

I've visited the caves several times. There are basically two ways: up and down. The upper part of the cave has walking paths and lights. The lower part goes partly through small tunnels and ink black holes. If you have never experienced total darkness, this is your change.

Inside the Gua Tempurung Caves, near Kampar and Ipoh


Just over 30 km south of Ipoh you find the old tin mine town of Kampar. There is no more mining here and many mines are filled with water and a popular fishing spot for locals.

View from the roof of the Grand Kampar Hotel to the Gua Tempurung cave area
View from the roof of the Grand Kampar Hotel

Kampar is also a good base to start your exploration of the Gua Tempurung caves and some great white water rafting. I also think it's easier to start a jungle trek from Kampar then from Ipoh.

In town there's a huge and expensive looking but decent priced hotel: Grand Kampar Hotel.

Roti kari ayam in Kampar
Roti Kari Ayam, bread filled with chicken curry, an absolute must try in Kampar

A special attraction in Kampar is the roti kari ayam, a bread filled with curry chicken. As far as I was told this is the only place in Malaysia where you can find this extra-ordinary dish. More about the curry chicken bread at our Kampar page.

Kampar town center

The road to Pangkor

There is no need to continue cycling from Kampar to Teluk Intan using the busy road that connects Ipoh with Teluk Intan. Instead you can follow instructions on the main cycling in Perak page.

This area is quite beautiful, despite its mining history. The mines are all gone and at some places replaced by... beaches and big lakes.

On the way from Kampar to Kampong Gajah
On the way from Kampar to Kampong Gajah

This is worth the effort cycling in Perak, trust me. On the way you might want to try to find the remains of a carbide factory, of which only the chimney is left.

The Japanese Carbide Factory Chimney in Malim Nawar The Japanese Carbide Factory Chimney in Malim Nawar
The Japanese Carbide Factory Chimney in Malim Nawar

The story I have heard from my friend Martin who used to live in Malim Nawar, is that second chimney was sold brick by brick. The owner of the land left only the very base of the chimney. The Chimney is located about 15 km from Kampar town.

The Japanese Carbide Factory Chimney in Malim Nawar

On the way further to Pangkor you might see cobras, monitor lizards and other animals. I saw once a civet cat running.

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