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Going to Guangxi - the southern route

There are two ways for going to Guangxi from Yunnan province. The northern route leads to the Stone Forest and further to Xingyi from where you can choose to travel further in Guizhou using the road via Guiyang or the roads bordering Guangxi province. In this article I will tell you all about the road from Jianshui to Baise. For the road from Kunming to Tonghai and Jianshui, check this article

Cycling in Giangxi

Stage one, Kaiyuan and Yanshan

children somewhere in East Yunnan
Going to Guangxi, children in a village looking at the Lao Wai (Big Noose)

Leave Jianshui in the direction of Geju (road 323) but skip the junction unless you want to visit Vietnam. It's a quiet road in good condition. The first major town you will find is Kaiyuan. There's a few hotels in Kaiyuan.

Should you want to change your mind and have the desire to visit the Stone Forest, this is your last change, road 326 leads north to Shilin and the Stone Forest

Kaiyuan is an industrial city with a population of 200.000. It's not really a pleasant city although the heart of the city is in recent years rebuild.

The local government claims to pay significant attention to environmental problems. There's not much reason to stay here longer then one night.


Just north of Kaiyuan you will find the junction to Baise and Nanning. It's a pleasant and most quiet road with some nice though not particular spectacular views on the way.

Border area of Guangxi, Yunnan and Vietnam
The wide open land with a look towards the south, here on the G 323 road
way around Jianshan, half way in between Honghe and Baise

Pingyuanjie has a lake with some good views to the southern mountain ranges. Yanshan has a good range of excellent and cheap hotels. When I was there, a whole new part of the town was build, including some new hotels. That said, there's no reason to stay there longer then a night.

Stage 2: Baise (for going to Guangxi)

From Yanshan on it is another 3 or 4 days to Baise, also spelled as Bose.

On the way to Baisha, going to Guangxi
Going to Guangxi, advertising for China Mobile

The 323 follows the You Jiang, a small river all the way down. In fact, it is 4 relatively easy days in a valley. During that journey, I camped out my first night after Yanshan. If you decide to do so, be prepared to find a lot of Chinese coming around to see what the "lao wai" is doing.

Next stop will be Funing, another pleasant town at the riverside. You are in fact now about 80 km's in effect from Vietnam but there is no border crossing.

You can stay in Bo Ai but Baise is also not very far and as it is all going down, you may consider skipping it in favor of Baise.

Bose, or Baise is quite nice. Just north of the town is a nice lake and the town breathes a relaxed atmosphere. The city center is now totally rebuild. There are plenty of cheap and not so cheap hotels.

Baise is the first major city in Guangxi. It is located on an important junction at road 324, a very busy 4 lane road that connects Xingyi with Nanning. There is no need to use this busy road as you can cross central Guangxi to Hechi and further to Liuzhou.

Cycling in Guangxi

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