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Genoa to Florence

The road from the border to Cuneo and Genoa to Florence is a great way to enter Italy. Cuneo is a logic first stop. Some travelers will continue north to Milan but I went south to Genoa.

The French Italian border and the road to Cuneo and Genoa

In Cuneo I was able to repair my wheel, spend a night camping in the towns park and continued to Genoa.

At the top of Col Larche at the French-Italian border
At the top of Col Larche at the French-Italian border

However, going down into Italy turned to be a very different. The road here was in bad condition, a lot of gravel and sharp curves made the descending a lot more difficult then the climb had been. It was in fact one of the very few times I found bad roads.

Alps at the French Italian Border
The Alps, French Italian border

After repairing my wheel in Cuneo I went south to the Mediterranean.

It was a very pleasant ride. Although Genoa has a long and spectacular history (the oldest remains date back to the 5th and 6th century AD), I didn't spend much time here. Of course Genoa Golden Age is the Renaissance, when the city was an important city state.

Christopher Columbus was probably the most famous citizen of the city. The city has still a harbor but has lost it major importance.

The Mediterranean at Genoa
The Mediterranean at Genoa

I stayed only a night here, also because it was really expensive to even get a camping site at the beach but beaches here were mostly gravel beaches, and not the great sand beaches in other areas.

The next morning I cycled through the city in the direction of La Spezzia. It felt good to use a slightly more difficult road through the hills inlands then to follow the busy coastal road with its continuous stretch of campings and hotels.

I first followed directions to Bargalli, after which it went down to Sestri. Here I found a long 15 km climb up which I had not expected. But the scenery was spectacular.

La Spezzia had no camping so I went to Lecita, 15 km further at the beach. I was now at the borders of Tuscany and another chapter of my journey in Italy was about to start.

Accommodation in Genoa

Although Genoa has hotels, I thought it was nicer to stay at the beach. This part of Italy is expensive anyway and as I had my tent with me, it didn't matter. Don't expect even the camping here are cheap.

Accommodation is easy to find but if you don't have the budget, don't bother.

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