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One of the problems with France Travel Guides is that the best are written in French. Fortunately many have been translated into English. Cycling in France is an experience itself. Although you might think different, there's no real flatlands except the north. Or is there?

Holland to France

Canals of AmsterdamCycling from Amsterdam to Paris is about 600 km.

It doesn't look too much but in bad weather, which I had on the two days to Paris.. phew...

Holland to Paris

The times I cycled in France it seems always rolling hills, plenty of culture, architecture, great food and very nice people.

From north to south is roughly 1000km so you can do that in, say a month. Does it mean you have seen France? Nope. So get your travel book and sort out a route!

Traveling in France with a guidebook makes life a lot easier. Many older French people still speak only French and if your French is lousy, like mine, it might be a bit difficult to find your way. So get your favorite guidebook here:

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