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First Aid Kit

Do you need to bring a first aid kit on your bicycle journey? The answer is simple: yes. That said, what would you include in your first aid kit? Well, that depends a little where you are going to cycle. In Western countries you may keep it basic while in more remote areas you may want to ad some additional material.

Forst Aid KitThe principal question is what kind of injuries you may expect. For small injuries and preventions I have set up a small first aid kit. Let's have a look at that one.

You can buy a small basic first aid kit at your own druggist. These kits are sufficient but a. you may want to ad a few items and b. you may want to familiarize yourself with the items. When I was cycling from Holland to China, this was the kit I always had with me:

  • band-aids - various sizes - for small wounds, cuts, scratches
  • sterile gauze dressings - various sizes - to cover larger wounds
  • light elastic bandage
  • elastic bandage/bandage crepe heavy duty
  • roll of adhesive tape - you can fix many things with it, I always have some with me as it is useful when I am cycling
  • wound cleansing tissue
  • alcohol pads - useful to clean instruments
  • antiseptic cream for small scratches
  • cream or gel for burns
  • antihistamine cream and pills - for insect bites and mild allergic reactions.
  • insect repellent
  • sun block cream
  • pain killers - Aspirin, Paracetamol - for minor pain and fever
  • activated charcoal tablets - to stop diarrhea, also used to absorb food poison
  • antacid tablets - when your tummy gets upset

First Aid KitIn case you have accidents, try to help yourself first and make a record of the cause of injury and how you treated it. If necessary, visit a doctor, ask your hotel owner for advice.

Being a cyclist myself, I have always tools with me. It's a good habit to bring a multi-use tool (including scissors) in your pack.

Remote Areas

The above first aid kit is maybe basic but contains all you probably need. Personally I don't think you need more then the above description.

However, there is one thing you need to be more aware of when you travel in remote areas. If you have used some of the kit and you are in the opportunity to refill your kit, DO IT.

In the west, or in areas with plenty of druggists (cities), you may skip this for a while but if you go into the mountains, desserts or other remote areas, please make sure your First Aid kit is up to date. I emphasize on this as I have been in the situation where I needed things that should have been in my first aid kit and I forgot to buy new after using it. 

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