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Exploring Bali, day 4
Ubud to Mount Batur, Singaraya & Lovina

It was time for exploring Bali a bit more. I felt again excited to be back on the road. After a breakfast in the homestay I went on the road. It was all pretty easy, I thought. Go back to the main road: go north to Mount Batur (Gunung Batur) and from there go west to Singapuraya.

The rice fields on the way up from Ubud to Mount Batur
The rice fields on the way up from Ubud to Mount Batur

Exploring Bali on bicycle is absolute possible. However, it is not that easy when you haven't been doing a lot of climbing. I had made a miscalculation and had forgotten that from Ubud to Mount Batur it would be 40 km all the way up, from an elevation of 200 meter to 1313 meter.

Mount Batur, Gunung Batur, Bali

It started with a magnificent view over the rice fields. It was never really steep but I got never the time to rest. Although I had been climbing many mountains over the years, I had not been doing a lot of hills the last months. My legs had again to get used to find the rhythm.

Hindu temple in Bali Hindu temple in Bali

Mount Batur, Gunung Batur, Bali
Heavy weather was approaching and by the time I was
ready to descent, the thunderstorm broke loose

By the time I arrived at Mount Batur, I wasn't so sure if this experience was included in my original plan of exploring Bali. Nevertheless, I was now here but I had bad luck. There was bad weather coming. I better hurry up.

However, I needed first some food and found it in a beautiful restaurant with excellent and cheap food. By the time I finished my meal I could see the clouds slowly running in. It shouldn't be too difficult from here on.

Kintamani Batur temple
Exploring Bali: Kintamani Batur temple

It was the second time this day exploring Bali I underestimated the road. I should have known better.

I had expected I had arrived at the highest point for the day and I was wrong. The road went around the volcano but it was not yet at its highest point. That would be reached at Penulisan.

Kintamani, I decided not to visit the temple for a celebration
Kintamani, I decided not to visit the temple for a celebration

This I had not expected. The problem really was that I expected anytime to reach the highest point while in fact it took another 20km. That was the difficult part. But once in Penulisan it would go down.

Almost back at sea level near Singapuraya

Almost back at sea level near Singaraya

And down it went .... in the pouring rain! The rain meant also I had to cycle slower than I normally would have done. Still, I guess I was lucky, the rain washed my sweat and tiredness away. I had a short coffee stop at the junction to Catur.

The locals offered me a raincoat but I didn't mind the rain. I did mind the slippery road but when I came lower the rain stopped and I was quickly back at sea level and soon warmed up.

View from my hotel room to the Java Sea
View from my hotel room to the Java Sea

I had little desire to stay in Singaraya, instead I wanted to reach Lovina, where I knew I would be able to get a cheap guesthouse. And just before dark I was picked up by a local guy who knew exactly what I was looking for. He was right. This part of exploring Bali had been more challenging than I had anticipated. Had I done a bit more climbing before this day, it would all had been a lot easier but it had been a tough but very enjoyable day.

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