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Drikung Monastery

The Drikung (also spelled as Drigung) monastery was a kind of on the way back to Lhasa (from Namtso Lake), although it was still another 150km westwards to Lhasa. The monastery was founded in 1179 in a remote valley (it's still relatively remote).

Drigung Monastery

Drigung Monastery

When the communist invaded Tibet in 1959 many monasteries were destroyed, including Drikung.

In the 1980's the monastery reconstruction began. When I visited there was hardly a trail of the former destruction (contrary to for example Ganden). The monastery once again was active.

The monastery is an important educational center for the tradition of the Drikung. There is a large library including rare texts about all subjects of the Himalayan region.

There are works on Tibetan culture, tradition and geography, and of course the Buddhist texts of all schools.

Drigung Valley

The famous Dunhuang manuscripts area also part of the library. These text were found all along the Silk Road. The texts date from the 4th to the 11th century and are written in several languages.

Tashi Dor, the monastery Drigung Monastery
Drikung Monastery

There are literally thousands of texts about any subject including some of the the earliest Tibetan medical drawing known so far. That alone should make you want to visit.

On the way to Drikung Valley

I arrived in Drikung Monastery with not a lot of air to breath. Walking up to the monastery was not easy, even though I was now already several weeks in Tibet. The monastery lies at an altitude of 4600 meter. This makes you think again to spend energy.

Farmer in the Drigung Valley

Farmer in the Drigung Valley

The valley is reasonable fertile, farmers working the land growing wheat and cabbage as I understood it. While farming the land, yaks are also used as beasts of burden.

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