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Dieng Plateau - Central Java

The Dieng Plateau in Central Java is one of the more ignored places by tourists despite it's archeological significance. As the plateau is located at over 2000 meter, bring jacket and wear long trousers as it can be quite cold.

The plateau... it was cold at this altitude
The plateau... it was cold at this altitude

The name Dieng comes from Di-Hiyang, Abode of the Gods. Of the originally 400 or so temples which were build in the 8th and 9th century only 8 remain. These temples are not as spectacular as other temples in Java, like Prambanan, Borobudur but more comparable with the temple in Pandaan in East Java. Although the temples have a major archeological significance, visiting the Dieng Plateau is also worth the spectacular sceneries.

Here, at an altitude of over 2000 meters the weather conditions are different from the lowlands. It can be rather cold. Still, it's an excellent area for long walks in the mountains, while visiting the temples in the area. There are some stunning sceneries of bight blue lakes and rugged mountains.

Telega Warna Lake, Dieng Plateau
Telega Warna Lake, Dieng Plateau

The 8 temples are in walking distance which makes the experience to come here even more satisfying.

On the way to Wonosobo
On the way to Wonosobo


Wonosobo is the gateway to Dieng Plateau, which 26 km north from the city. It's a long way up but you can stay at the Plateau too. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the temples and mountains with sunset which makes it even more spectacular.

Scenery at the Dieng Plateau with two temples in the far distance
Scenery at the Dieng Plateau with two temples in the far distance

There are several hotels and guesthouses in Wonosobo too so if you choose to stay in Wonosobo, you can make a choice from our hotels in town

Dieng Plateau Central Java Dieng Plateau Central Java

The Dieng Plateau is also possible to visit as a day trip from Yogyakarta. The easiest way is to join a tour from one of the many travel agencies in Sosrowijayan or Prawirotaman areas.

Cycling to Wonosobo and the Dieng Plateau

It's not an impossible journey. A good start is Borobudur. From here it's around 90 km. That sounds ok but in fact it's a hard road. First you leave Borobudur west in the direction of Purworejo. There are several junctions but the best is the main junction after the decent of the hill on the road to Purworejo.

On the way up to Dieng Plateau
On the way up to Dieng Plateau

From here it is 46 km to Wonosobo. This road goes mostly up and will take most of your day. Stay a night in Wonosobo and continue the next day with the 26 km climb to just over 2000 meter. It's not too difficult but the temperature difference can be a little hard to digest.

As far as I know, there is no other way to the plateau so you will have to come down the same road. From Wonosobo you can follow the mountains west to Purbolinggo, Banymas and Purwokerto, 120 km from Wonosobo. On the way there are several cities with accommodation.

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