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Cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling in the Netherlands is a popular way to spend your free Sunday afternoon. The Netherlands may not have the most bicycles in the country, that record is still in the hands of China, but it certainly had the most bicycles per head of the population.

Amsterdam Railway Station

Amsterdam, the Railway Station

Riding a bicycle in the Netherlands is popular. The infrastructure is in many way readymade for cycling too. Many roads have separate lanes for bicycles and motorbikes which makes cycling in Holland much safer.

But it's not just the separate lanes that make life easier for cyclists here. At traffic lights, cyclists have their own traffic lights too.


Muiden, Flevomeer

Contrary to other countries, Hong Kong and Shenzhen are notorious, with obstacles on the bicycle lanes. Holland's bike lanes are well maintained, not only in the cities, but especially outside the cities.

And with excellent bicycle road maps and a mostly flat countryside, cycling in Holland becomes easy as a pie.

The main touristy cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and others have bicycle rental available. It might cycling in the Netherlands easier although rental might not be cheap to rent.

Landgoed Den Treek in between Amersfoort and Woudenberg

A magnificent shot of Landgoed Den Treek in between Amersfoort and Woudenberg, I cycled this path for many years when I went to secondary school

Even if you do not intend to cycle much, it is certainly an experience to get a bike and explore wherever you are in the Netherlands. And again, safety for cyclists come first too.

The Dutch countryside has also plenty of bicycle routes available. Many of the routes are popular for families to cycle on a Sunday afternoon. They travel through forest and dune landscapes in areas where cars or even motorbikes can not come. The local VVV (tourist offices) have maps with descriptions available for the routes in the area and provinces.

But cycling in the Netherlands is not just for leisure. Many Dutch people use the bicycle to travel to school and work too. During my years at school I always cycled. And when I got jobs, this continued. Many offices have shower facilities so you can be fresh at the office. Even during the cold and wet winter months I kept cycling, and why not. In Amsterdam I was faster at school/office then by car or public Transport.

Church in Woudenberg
Church in Woudenberg, a typical sight in the Netherlands

So, where is it great cycling in Holland? Bicycling in the Netherlands starts usually in Amsterdam so we follow the routes from Amsterdam on, starting with the province Noord Holland and follow it further into the Netherlands. Come join me for a few weeks in Holland.

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Map of the Netherlands
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