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Cycling in Penang

There are great possibilities for cycling in Penang, this counts primarily for the island although on the Penang mainland there are some excellent options possible.

My bicycle at Ngoh Han Temple with view to Balik Pulau

My bicycle at Ngoh Han Hill Temple with view to Balik Pulau.

Some of the cycling trails might be better to do on foot. This section of my website shows you several options to cycle and hike over the island. None of the bike rides or trails require a guide.


Hiking to Tiger Hill
Forest trail to Tiger Hill Valley


For a more detailed report about the hiking trails in Penang, see this page or click on one of the links in the box below:

Hiking & Cycling in Penang



Special hiking tours in Penang can be arranged with us here

I am not mentioning the possible bike rides in the George Town heritage area. These bike rides can easily be done by renting a bike and a map and go on your own. Should however you require a guide, please contact me and I will get you a qualified guide.

Summit Road from Penang Hill to Tiger Hill
Summit Road Penang Hill to Tiger Hill

When I first came to Penang I didn't realize there were so many bicycle and hiking trails. My first few bike rides around the island brought me to Teluk Bahang and Balik Pulau. Now having done that, I was trying to find a little more challenging roads.

Cycling in Penang
A good view of Balik Pulau from the Anjung Indah Pass
a trail which is good to explore with children

It was only until I started to study the map of Penang when I found the Air Itam Dam and the possibility to cycle from here to Balik Pulau. After taking that ride, I found a lot more bike and hike trails.

Cycling Cheng Kon Sze
Cycling up to the Cheng Kon Sze temple

Some of these trails are great to do on bicycle, others can be better done on foot. And yet again other trails can be cycled but I would prefer to go on foot.

Fact is that Penang has a lot to offer for those who are seeking a way out of the congested areas and want to find some unspoiled nature on bike or foot. These pages will help you making decisions where to go and what to do.

Pulau Betong beach

Pasir Panjiang beach at Pulau Betong, the end of the road in Penang

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Special Hiking Tours in Penang

Join us on our special hiking tours in Penang. We will bring you around in the jungle of the Botanical Gardens. Our tours include:

  • Botanical Gardens: Lily Pond - Waterfall
  • Moongate - Hikers Resting Spot #5 - Youth Park
  • Trails to Crag Hotel and Penang Hill

Read more and book your hiking tour.

Hiking in Penang around Botanical Gardens

or check the hiking and biking pages

Air Itam Dam to Balik Pulau

This is an interesting option. The trail can easily be cycled and hiked. You'll pass beautiful tropical rainforest and cultivated areas with fruit farms, a wonderful day out in the heart of Penang with an option to visit the Ngoh Han Temple with spectacular views to Balik Pulau.

View to Balik Pulau from the Ngoh Han Temple

Air Itam Dam to Balik Pulau

Cycling around the island

Get a bike for a pleasant full day bike ride around the island with visits to Batu ferringhi, Teluk Bahang, Balik Pulau, Pulau Betong and back via Air Itam.

Air Itam Dam

Cycling around the island