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Cycling from Nanning to Vietnam, day 2
Suyu to Chongzuo in south Guangxi

My second day cycling from Nanning to Vietnam turned out to be much easier than the first day. Now that I was on the G322, I decided simply to continue this way.

Nanning to Vietnam, a few km on the way out of Suyu town

Cycling from Nanning to Vietnam on the G322
in the early morning just outside Suyu town center

Day 2 started with a good noodle soup breakfast in Suyu town. Without much regret I said goodbye to the town where the food had been good, the hotel extremely useful and the people friendly. But there was little that kept me there longer than absolute necessary.

Nanning to Vietnam
The main road seems to go left but the board says Pingxiang straight...
so I went straight

I left the town and soon I saw what was the case. The G322 merged with the new G322. This new road went apparently to the airport, only about 18km away. Why I had not been able to continue on this road when I was at the airport was unclear. Maybe the road was not completed, I had no idea.

G322, after Suyu on the way to Vietnam

Slow rolling hills and karst mountains about 40 km from Suyu

The road surface was not very good, mostly broken asphalt and potholes but it was fine cycling.

Eastern hills in Guangxi

There was hardly any traffic except a local truck or tractor. My destination for the day was Chongzuo, an expected 115 km. By now the rain and cold weather had completely disappeared except for the chilly mornings.

I progressed quickly with tailwind. It was 75 km to Banli where I would have to take the junction (S213) to Chongzuo. Danli town is located a bit further on the G322, so I didn't even see it. This is primarily because I had food and enough water with me so I didn't have to get in the village. And Chongzuo was only 35 km away.

Nanning to Danli, G322

But this was a beautiful road! On the south side of the road there were long rows of karst limestone mountain ranges. On the north side long rolling hills. It was a spectacular sight.

The S213 to Chongzuo
The S213 to Chongzuo

This scenery continued for several kilometers. But by the time I arrived in Jiangzhou I had left the karst behind me. I passed a section of a new build highway.

Nanning to Vietnam, road to Chongzuo
Cycling from Nanning to Suyu and now to Chongzuo,
here is Jim on the S213

It would take another 10 km before I arrived in Chongzuo but I had first to pass the highway that connects Nanning with the Vietnamese border. This part cycling from Nanning to Chongzuo had been easy and I was looking for a nice hotel to have a good shower and a cup of coffee.

Nanning to Vietnam
The S213 with the karst on the south side

As it turned out, I first had to pass a whole new town of Chongzuo, which was surreal. It was full of brand new and huge buildings but there were no people. Finally I saw a hotel but I couldn't believe this was the town. I gave it another change and cycled to the far end of the road. Here the road swindled slightly up and finally I saw what I was looking for: the city center of Chongzuo. Here it was busier, I passed the bus station and checked in at one of the many hotels in this area.

Chongzuo, all those cities look the same ...
Chongzuo, all those cities look the same ...

"This hotel is very basic", I was told. "You pay Y50". And so I did. I didn't care if it was basic, as long as there was a clean room with a bed and a hot shower. I got a very decent and very big room with TV and hot shower. I had been cycling from Nanning to Chongzuo and it had been a great day.

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