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An interesting alternative to leave your bicycle for a few days are the Culinary Tours Asia. There is no better way to experience Southeast Asia than to explore the local cuisine.

The food trails lead you into Bangkok’s streets to relish Thai desserts, prepare noodle soup alongside top Vietnamese chefs or mingle with the morning market crowds as you select local spices. This is truly an enlightening experience! We offer Culinary Tours Asia in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali and Myanmar (Burma).

Bali Culture and Cuisine (6D/5N)

Bali Culture and CuisineSpecifically designed with the experience-hungry in mind, the Culinary Tours Asia includes a 6-day Bali Culture and Cuisine tour immerses you on a culinary and cultural journey that seeks to enlighten, enrich and entertain.

Comprising face-to-face encounters with locals, mouth-watering epicurean adventures, spiritual twists and some sweat enduing activities – this Bali tour is perfect for those eager to get better acquainted with the island’s enchanting culture.

The Thai House Experience (4D/3N)

For repeat visitors to Thailand or for those residing in Bangkok looking for an authentic Thai experience and warm hospitality, then The Thai House Experience is the package you are looking for. You will stay with a Thai family in a traditional teakwood house where your friendly hosts will take you to the best shops, markets, and museums in the area and personally teach you how to prepare genuine Thai cuisine.thailand-cuisine tours

Bangkok Tasty Treats - Bangkok

Taste authentic cuisine, venture through local markets full of fresh produce and spices.

You will learn about Thai culture with this half day Bangkok culinary day trip. Not only will your local guide share with you the secrets to Thai cooking, you will also sample the best- and most exotic- delights of the city.

Taste of Laos (15D/14N)

In our Taste of Laos tour, you will learn about the ingredients used for Lao cooking with visits to the markets and villages throughout the country. This Culinary Tours Asia starts in Luang Nam Tha, then make your way to the spiritual capital of Luang Prabang and to the current capital of Vientiane. An exploration of the country’s culture and historical sites along with authentic Lao dining experiences will further inspire you to prepare Lao food with our cooking class.

Culinary Cambodia - Siem Reap

Cambodia marketDiscover the secrets of authentic Khmer cuisine in a half-day cooking class. Begin with a guided trip to the local market where you will learn about Cambodian vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients before returning to the classroom for a hands-on culinary experience.

After dining on your creations, travel through the Siem Reap countryside to see some of the local handicrafts and cottage industries.

Cambodia Culture & Cuisine (6D/5N)

Of our recommended Culinary Tours Asia, the Cambodia Culture & Cuisine tour is the perfect holiday package for those aspiring to learn about the country’s history, tradition, and cooking. In this Cambodia tour, you will dine in some of the best restaurants Cambodia has to offer with one during a Cambodian puppet show and dance.

Float over Angkor Wat on a helium balloon and visit museums portraying Cambodian history. Then learn about local ingredients and preparation techniques with a Cambodian cooking class.

Culinary Delights of Vietnam (12D/11N)

Vietnamese cuisine is highly regarded as one of the world's best, but few realize the variations that are found in the regional cuisines. Just like the country's geographical divisions, the food can also be separated in to South, Central, and Northern style.

The Culinary Tours Asia wouldn't be complete without an offer to explore the Vietnamese cuisine. As you travel up the coast on this twelve day tour, experience the best local culture, history, beaches, and food, all the while staying in luxury hotels in this Vietnam tour.Culinary tours, dinner in Vietnam

Cooking Class - Hanoi

Take part in a hands-on cooking class in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Visit the local market to learn about Vietnamese ingredients.

The  you will proceed to the home of a true Hanoian who learned her culinary skills from her grandmother, a cook for the French elite in the 1930’s.

After visiting a local market to buy the day’s ingredients, learn how to prepare and cook true northern Vietnamese cuisine before sitting down to enjoy a delectable meal.

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