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My last stop in the Peloponnesus would be Corinth. I wanted to see this legendary place and at the same time I wanted to visit the equally legendary amphitheater of Epidaurus and the ancient city Mycenae.

In Corinth

On arrival in Corinth I went out to see what is left of the ancient city Corinth, where according to the bible, the apostle Paul had been walking. But in reality the city is much older.


The new and very uninteresting city of Corinth is build several km's from the original ancient site which was destroyed in the 19th century.

Archaeological excavations suggest people have been using this area as early as 6500BC.

According to Greek myth, Cothintos, a descendant of the sun god Helios founded the city.

Corinth in the Peloponnesus, Greece

In another myth Ephyra is named as the founder. She was was the daughter of Titan Oceanus (hence the ancient name Ephyra). Interestingly the city was destroyed about 2000BC.

But over the centuries people came back to rebuild and extend the city. Remains of those activities are still to be seen. One of the few (partly) standing structures is the Temple of Apollo.

The city has been involved in several Greek wars including the Peloponnesian War and the Corinthian War. Due to it's important location to be able to control the entry into the Peloponnesus, the city was never completely abandoned. If it was in Hellenistic, Roman or Byzantine times, the city kept it's importance.

As I had a camping near the old city, it was not necessary to bring my bicycle to the ancient site, in other words, I walked. However, if you stay in the new city, you may want to catch a bus.

Getting there

It's a day's cycling from Athens. You can easily go deep into the Peloponnesus from here following the route I cycled myself. It's also possible to cycle to Tripoli and do a long loop all the way south. Expect mountainous regions but it's never high nor difficult.

Access to the Peloponnesus comes through either Corinth or the bridge at Patra. If you have no desire to travel/cycle from Corfu you can take a ferry from Corfu.

Corinth from a hill top
Corinth from a hill top


Camping is the again the cheapest option. There are several reasonable priced hotels in town too. I was recommended Hotel Korintos in the harbor area. I checked it out and it looked fine with me but I felt more like camping (the Blue Dolphin at the beach) that night.

More hotels in Corinth with Tripadvisor and

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One of the spectacular sights of Northern Greece is Meteora, a series of cliffs on which monasteries are build. This is a wonderful place to visit.

Meteora, North Greece

The road to Olympia

North Peloponnesus is worth exploring. Of course Olympia, where the original Olympic Games were held is an obvious must visit sight but on the whole, I found Peloponnesus a very pleasant experience.


Corfu is a major tourist attraction in Greece. There are beautiful beaches on the spectacular Ionian Sea. And there's a lot of history from Antiquity to the Renaissance to explore. A not to miss spot, also great for cycling.


The great lost city of Mycenae is worth the effort to go deep into the Peloponnesus.

Cycling to Athens

The road to Athens, I cycled Corinth to Athens and from Athens to Piraeus, yup, I did see the Acropolis too...