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Many cities are excellent to explore on bicycle, electric bike or segway. Typically a walking tour is the best way to explore a city center, but bicycles, electric bikes and segways give you more flexibility and possibilities for exploration.

I've seen many European and Asian cities and speak from experience, getting around on bike is more rewarding than by bus, taxi or even on foot. Even a cities like Bangkok, Rome, Paris or London are excellent to do on bicycle.

The great thing about bicycles is that they're eco-friendly.

With the bicycle you have more possibilities to stop wherever you want, visit what you want and talk to whoever crosses your path. And seldom a parking problem!

Forget that in a car, bus or taxi.

The bicycle gives you also more flexibility to explore than by foot. If a city center is small, a bicycle is no extra benefit, but in cities like Paris, Rome, Berlin or Madrid, a bicycle gives you that extra that makes your visit more than special.

Even more special it can become with a small bike tour. Think about it, you don't know the city and you don't want to waste your time.

Or you don't have the time because your next flight is already booked. Get a professional tour guide and cycle around with the right explanations what you see.

And that can be anything. Riding around in a city is never about making the kilometers. It's always about exploring the best places to visit, find the best restaurants, get a theme based tour. London Bridge in London

Sunset and Night rides

Another option is exploring cities by night on bicycle. You can do that for example in Florence and in Paris. These tours are more early evening that late night tours.

Electric Bike

Of course it might be you don't like to ride a bicycle, but you still like the experience. Some cities offer electric bike tours.

Electric bikes are eco friendly, make little noise and are very easy to use. No worries if you are not handy on a normal bicycle, an electric bike makes you go around without any problem.

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