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China Travel Guide Auction

Our China Travel Guide Auctions offer the best and cheapest guide books and DVD's available on the internet. We change daily our content, so even if you can't find what you need today, tomorrow it might be there.

Entrance Tickets in China

The Chinese give you value for your money when you buy an entrance ticket to visit a sight. Here's some results:

Entrance Tickets and more tickets

In the auction you will find all the major travel guides in new and used formats, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Frommers, Insider Guide, you name it...

Here's the problem with any guidebook I have seen about China. It's always too global. The best would be to get several guidebooks OR restrict yourself to a specific area. Lonely Planet and Rough Guide as an example have more detailed guides for specific regions.

But if you insist, sure you can get a China guide. Don't expect many details but you will get a decent overview.

China Tours

Tibet, some excellent tours on the roof of the world. From the road from Kathmandu to Lhasa and visiting Shigatse, Gyantse, Mount Kailash with Darchan and more. This is what you really want!


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Cycling in China

China, despite its fast development is still a great adventure! Here's what you should know about cycling in China

Cycling in China