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Chengyang Qiao: the Wind and Rain Bridge

Sanjiang is the entry to Dong minority county but it is Chengyang Qiao that you want to visit. It had been a pleasant though a bit cold ride to the city. It seemed Sanjiang had been extensive grown in the last past years. There was a whole new section on the east bank of the river I did not remember at all (my last visit had been in 2002).

Goal of the day: the Wind and Rain Bridge at Chengyang qiao

Goal of the day: the Wind and Rain Bridge at Chengyang Qiao

On a bridge in Sanjiang I could see new Dong towers towering over the extended city. I decided I would sort that out later but first I needed to eat something before I would cycle the last 20km of the day.


After the meal I left the busy streets of Sanjiang to Chengyang Qiao. It was only 20km or so but I remembered it would turn slowly up. No heavy climbs but slow climbing roads that ultimately led me to the Wind and Rain Bridge. Here and there I stopped to enjoy the scenery but soon I arrived at the entrance gate, and a little further I had to buy my entry ticket: Y60!

Sanjiang, Chengyang Qiao

Chengyang Qiao in 2002, a photo from a nearby hilltop, short hike uphill,
the second bridge is not yet build

The first view I had was of a second bridge! I decided to pass and cycle a bit further to have a view of the area, just seeing what had been changed.

Chengyang Qiao, Dong minority

And there was a lot changed! It seemed the village was much larger than my memory told me. I also saw several other Wind and Rain Bridges and Dong Towers I did not remember at all.

Chengyang Qiao, Dong minority

Still, from a distance it looked wonderful. I felt happy I was back. That would soon change. Two big buses of tourists came around complete with loudspeakers.

Chengyang Qiao, Dong minority

I wasn't so sure if I wanted to stay here anymore but than I realized, that group would probably not stay in the village, and the peace would return soon. I was wrong. The group left, I made quickly some photos and ... a new group came. For the next 2 hours groups came and went. I totally lost my appetite for Chengyang Qiao.

Chengyang Qiao, Dong minority

I had intended to stay in Chengyang Qiao. At the riverside next to the bridge there was a hostel I had stayed before. It was closed. Two other hotels seemed closed too, which left me a hotel in the village which was full of noisy people.

Chengyang Qiao, Dong minority

And as I had seen what I wanted to see, the Wind and Rain Bridge and the villages, I thought it would be a better choice to cycle back to Sanjiang, also because the next day my plan was to cycle south.

Chengyang Qiao, Dong minority


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Sanjiang, Chengyang Qiao
At the Wind and Rain Bridge in Chengyang Qiao in 2002

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