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Responsible travel and charitable tours

Although the Responsible travel and charitable tours are not exactly bicycle tours, I still believe I should bring them under your attention as they offer a unique review on the particular countries. Traveling is more then "just sightseeing". The tours offered here are a combination of sightseeing and learning about the local situation. Best of all, it's 100% FUN!Children in Laos

Luang Prabang Charitable Tour in Laos (5D/4N)

Luang Prabang is a town that has much to offer. Some of the most rewarding experiences however you can get by visiting the surrounding villages. Combining sightseeing with visits to local charities and cultural events, the Luang Prabang Charitable Tour adds a responsible twist to your holiday.

Young mother in LaosThe first day you will spend on the electric bike in and around Luang Prabang town visiting several non-profit organizations which are working to preserve the culture and heritage of Lao and learn how you can contribute to their services. 

An integral part of responsible travel is learning about and respecting the local culture. This tour ensures that you gain an understanding and appreciation of Lao traditions through several ceremonies.

You will be blessed in a baci ceremony, make merit with villagers in the early morning and have a chance to witness a performance of traditional dance, memorable highlights of your Laos tour.

There are excursions to the beautiful rural areas around Luang Prabang including a boat trip along the Mekong River to the Pak Ou Caves.

You'll also spend a morning at the Kuang Si Waterfalls. Near the falls you will visit a rescue center for the endangered sunbears.

We also offer you the chance to make a positive impact on the rural youth through a book donation party. Many children in Laos do not have access to reading materials and the excitement they will show when receiving their books is sure to bring a smile to your face and leave you with fond memories of your Laos tour.

Cambodia Charitable Tour (6D/5N)

The Cambodia Charitable Tour starts in Angkor with a 3 days visit to Angkor

There you will board the unique bamboo train through the countryside for an exhilarating ride past rice fields and small villages.

Visit Meahto Phum Ko'mah, a non-profit NGO working hard to reintegrate vulnerable children back into society.

Shopping for fabulous handicrafts at the center and dining at the training-restaurant has a direct impact on the charity's activities.

Charitable tours in north ThailandMae Kampong Eco Tour - Chiang Mai, Thailand

This one day charitable tour let brings you in the Thai countryside around Chiang Mai. You will stop at local markets and select here the ingredients for your lunch. Continue to Mae Kampong village where you are met upon arrival by villagers.

The people of Mae Kampong speak their own dialect of Thai and maintain a traditional culture unique to the area. Take a short walk through the community forest, passing tea and coffee fields.

The afternoon will be filled with lunch and traditional Thai massage and some walks around the village before going back to Chiang Mai

Baan Kingkaew Orphanage - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Baan Kingkeaw Orphanage"Everyone deserves to be loved". The Baan Kingkaew Orphanage was opened in 1966 through the generous donations of a Thai lady.

With the assistance of your guide, volunteer your own time to help local nannies feed and play with the 50 orphans. This Chiang Mai day trip offers an unforgettable opportunity to truly connect with the people of Thailand.  (recommended!!)

Phuket Charitable Experience (2D/1N)

The Phuket Charitable tour begins with a drive through beautiful landscapes to the seaside village of Ban Talae Nok. This small southern community was devastated by the 2004 tsunami which wiped out over half the family homes. The village is slowly recovering and by partaking in this Thailand tour you are helping the locals develop and maintain a sustainable income stream.

Child in a shop in BurmaUpon reaching Ban Talae Nok you will be warmly received by your host family who will eagerly show you around the village. The overnight homestay is a highlight of this Thailand tour package, a genuine cultural experience that cannot be replicated by a stay in a hotel.

Join your family in the preparation of dinner, learning about the ingredients and methods of tasty Thai cooking as well as interacting with the hosts. While sharing dinner at the house you will experience the customs and traditions of the community.

The next morning you will set off to visit area workshops, established to preserve traditional craft techniques as well as create sustainable income for the local people. Learn about soap making, palm weaving and batik painting and test your skills at creating your own crafts.

After lunch you will go back to Phuket.

Central Vietnam Charitable Tour: Hue & Hoi An (5D/4N)

Fishing village Hoi An Central VietnamThe tour brings you to Hue and Hoi An, two of the most visited tourist areas in Vietnam. Apart from exploring the fascinating past of Vietnam, you will also meet many locals and learn about their culture and life (you will meet a local kite maker who is keeping traditional craftsmanship alive).

Despite growing tourism, not everyone benefits as you will see in fishing villages where you will learn about the ancient fishing practice. But beyond this charming facade Hoi An still has underprivileged locals and we'll introduce you to groups working tirelessly to improve the living situation of these families.

House Building On Inle Lake, Inle, Myanmar

This unique day trip provides you an opportunity to help an underprivileged family in the Inle Lake area. Transfer to Ming Tauk village and spend the morning assisting the community's residents as they build a new house for a local family. Spend the afternoon at a local school where the student's warm smiles and friendly greetings are sure to warm your heart. You will love it!

Bagan Community Tour, Full Day, Myanmar

This is an opportunity to make the difference. After breakfast, transfer to Ngat Pyit Taung Monastery and explore the temple's caves to observe about local tradition and spiritual beliefs of the Burmese. You will visit the Monastic Primary School where you can meet local children who are studying here. 

Monks in Myanmar

After lunch you will explore the town of Nyaung U and neighboring villages where you will learn about their traditional livelihood. Learn the interesting process of creating "Poneyay" (pea powder paste) and see how local plum jam is made and packed.

In addition, visit workshops of two of the region's best known products: handmade lacquer ware and wooden handicrafts. In addition, you will visit the villages and observe about how Cartwrights make a traditional bullock carts, still used by farmers and locals throughout the country. A great afternoon for hands-on activities, as the craftsmen loves to share their techniques with visitors.

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