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Central Vietnam Tours: Hue and Hoi An

The World Heritage cities Hue and Hoi An have much to offer. Think only of a day trip inside Hoi An to explore why the city is world heritage.

In the Hoi An area you can find remains of the former Champa empire, places like My Son and further south Nha Trang have amazingly beautiful historical sights.

Forbidden City in Hue

The same goes for Hue, the former capital of the Empire of Vietnam with the emperor tombs and the Forbidden City. It's not for nothing Hue and Hoi An are two of the top attractions in Vietnam.

On this page I would like to show you some possibilities to visit some of the great sights in these two magnificent cities.


There are basically 3 kinds of tours in this area:

  1. Explore the historical city and tombs
  2. Visit the DMZ
  3. Tours that visit Hue on the way from Saigon to Hanoi

It's of course the historical city and tombs you want to visit first. No wonder, they're one by one magnificent. Some might be disappointed by the Forbidden City as there is not a whole lot left but it is an essential visit to understand some of Hue's past.

Hue, the Forbidden City

Inside the Forbidden City

The tombs are in a much better condition and visit only one is (in my opinion) not enough. It's why the Imperial Treasures Tour is a great option. This tour really digs into Hue's past and moves than further south to Hoi An.

It's especially a great tour for those travelers who love to travel independent but also like to have a good insight in some of the things to see on the way.

More interested in culture and how it mixes with modern society? Check out the Central Vietnam Charitable Tour: Hue & Hoi An (5D/4N) in which you mix visits to the historical sites with visits to local craftsmen and see how traditions, despite quickly disappearing are still kept alive by a few people. For example, you will visit a local kite maker (kiting is popular in Vietnam).

Of course if you join one of the tours covering the whole of Vietnam, you will visit Hue and the ancient sites too.

Cua Dai Beach
Cua Dai Beach

Hoi An

In Central Vietnam Hoi An is the other UNESCO World Heritage City.

From what I have seen of Vietnam's beaches, the Hoi An beaches are the best although, I admit, Nha Trang has some good beaches too.

The famous beach is of course China Beach but I preferred Cua Dai, more north and much nicer.

My Son, Champa kingdom city

Not coming to Hoi An for the beach? Fair enough, visit the ancient My Son ruins. The full day Hoi An And My Son tour does the trick.

Spending quality time in Hoi An is essential to understand life and culture not only in Central Vietnam but for the whole of the country too.

The great little city Hoi An hides a few hidden treasures and some more well known as the Japanese bridge.

Do not forget the markets. In the back streets you may find some kite makers, and the market is full of tailors. Even a one day tour is enough to let yourself a suite, cress, trousers or whatever been made. Bargaining is essential.


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