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Everyone uses a bicycle, or better, everyone at some point in his or her life has uses a bicycle. Famous people like Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe cycled. Here's a few famous people using a bicycle.

In the early days of bicycles, inventor Thomas Edison was also interested in bicycles, here's a cool video of him fooling around with bikes:

But it seems almost everybody has been riding a bicycle, from Buster Keaton to Elvis Presley and Doris Day, Brad Pitt and Madonna, George W. Bush and Barrack Obama, crown prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and David Beckham. Even Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton use a bicycle! Here's a selection of celebrities, politicians, sportsmen, move stars and others who had at a certain time in their life the desire to have their own bicycle adventure.

And hopefully you never need bicycle repairman:

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One Arm One Leg

Cycling is so easy, you don't need a license, no need to visit university, you don't even need two arms and two legs as one Chinese cyclist taught me

One Arm One Leg

The One Armed One Legged cyclist

Jim has his own consciousness

Jim is the name of my Koga Miyata Worldtraveler bicycle. He's now 9 years old with 90.000 km on the counter. Jim has its own story to tell.

Jim in Yangshuo

Here's the story of Jim

Johan, 8 years old cycles 250 km

On a kids bike, Johan, at the time 8 years old, cycled 250 km from Pangkor to Penang Malaysia.

Johan in a jungle ride

Here's his story