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Most cyclists use camping stoves. There are two choices: gas or fuel. As traveling on a bicycle you will want a light weight stove so what are the options? There are reasons to choose for a brand name or choose a no name brand but it is usually the price that determines the choice. And to be honest, you don't NEED an expensive MSR or Coleman. My present Primus was half the price and just as good, if not better.

My Camp stuff on a camping in Belgium
My Camp stuff on a camping in Belgium

This page give you a few tips what kind of stoves to choose from and why.

Gas Stoves

My Primus Himalaya Fuel Stove
My Primus Himalaya Fuel Stove

Many people in Europe go out camping either go with a tent or caravan. Many will choose for Camping Gaz fueled stoves. They are cheap, light weight.

Camping Gaz is usually available at the camping stores. The stoves are cheap, lightweight and easy and safe in use but they are bulky. No wonder Camping Gaz is popular with travelers.

For cyclist the situation can be different. The choice for Camping Gaz depends a lot on where you are going to cycle. As long as you are cycling in Western Europe, you won't have a problem. However, eastern Europe and beyond Camping Gaz is a less to not available.

Advantages and disadvantages of Camping Gaz

The advantages of Camping Gaz are clear, cheap, lightweight stove, easy and safe in use. Disadvantage, outside Europe, hard to get and alternative gas systems might not fit.

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Fuel Stoves

Fiel bottle with holderThat's why many cyclists and hikers choose for fuel stoves. Fuel, meaning petrol, diesel, petroleum, is always available. In most of the corners of the world you will be able to find it.

The leading brand names for fuel stoves are Coleman, MSR and Primus (of course there are more). Many cyclist choose the MSR, especially the Dragonfly as it is super light and small.

I had one such a camping stove for a while and although they're very good, they are also vulnerable. It is important to bring some spare parts with you.

I had a Coleman camping stove which was more robust, a bit heavier and bulkier but I find the Primus Himalaya Multi Fuel which I have now the best of all. It's a lightweight and solid stove.

Essentially it does not really matter which of the three you choose, I had them all and all worked fine.

Make sure you have a decent fuel bottle. I use a 80ml bottle which I can carry on the bicycle. You may have to search a little for a fitting bottle holder but they do exist although you might have to search for it.

In short, if you decide to go on a short bike journey in areas where you are sure you can find Camping Gaz, then that is the best and cheapest choice. For journeys beyond that, bring a fuel stove. We have several stoves in our Camping Stove Auction

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