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I just love Cambodia, I've been here many times and can easily go a gain. Only the first time I brought a travel guide. I had no idea I really didn't need it on the road. It's really easy traveling.


One of the wonders of the orient, Angkor shows what men have achieved. It's one of the most beautiful ruins you can possibly visit.

Read all about Angkor and Angkor Wat

and more photos of Angkor

and a lot more Cambodia Travel Information

However, guide books give you a very good introduction into the country's past. And that is something some (not all) travelers just ignore. Yes, they visit Angkor but forget (or don't want to know) about the horrors of the Khmer Rouge.

And both parts of Cambodia's history have formed the nation as it is now.

I tell this many people. When I first visited Cambodia, I saw in everyone's eyes fear.

When fireworks exploded, people dug under the table. That was 1995.

When I came back in 2001, 2003, 2010 and the last time in July 2013 I found every time a complete new country. And it's a beautiful country too! Don't just go to Angkor, spend more time in other areas. It's worth to do.

Things have changed. When you visit now, you see a country in progress. People have hope for a good future. So get yourself a Cambodia Guidebook and explore what Cambodia has more to offer than Angkor Wat!

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