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Borobudur Auction Collectibles and Audiovisual

World UNESCO heritage building the Borobudur is subject to many collectibles and audiovisual materials. We offer in this auction a wide selection of these collectibles, books, DVD's and more.

The back road to Borobudur

One of the nicest roads to cycle is not the main road to Magelan but a small back lane, here's more about that lovely little road:

The back road to Borobudur

You can of course find many collectibles in the Yogya city center. The main market near Vreedenburg is a good place to shop for some worthy things.

However, the vendors know exactly what the value of their goods is. In general, if it is really good, you won't find it on the market but in one of the many antique shops around.

That doesn't mean you can't find collectibles at the market. There's plenty to find. Yogya is the place to find a lot of Javanese artwork. But remember, if it real antique, make sure you get a certificate and be prepared it might be difficult to bring with you home. Many shops offer sending it home to you. If it is a renown shop, this should be OK, but try to find out before trusting anyone.

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