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map of LombokBicycling Lombok is quite an experience. It's a small island. It's about 80 km from north to south as from east to west. Lombok was also known as the unspoiled Bali, a name which made some sense as it was less developed.

The local population is known as Sasaks (85%) and they are related to the Balinese although the Sasaks in Lombok are Muslim.

The rest of the people are either Christian or Hindu (from the time the Balinese controlled Lombok).

You will find beautiful beaches and much unspoiled nature in Lombok but in some of the more traditional and fundamental Islamic villages, you may get some troubles (I passed one village where the villagers started throwing stones at me).

A couple of days hiking to Mount Rinjani  or just enjoying one of the beautiful beaches of Lombok, for example at the very famous and well developed Gili Islands.

If beaches, white sand, blue water, all around corals and palm trees is what you want, then Gili Island is where you want to go to.

Although these things happen, it certainly does not mean Lombok should be avoided. On the contrary.

Village in Lombok

With a tropical climate, Lombok seems not the first choice to use your bicycle. In fact, there are not many roads to cycle anyway. But it is certainly worth some effort to go around and explore some of the islands culture. It may be less sophisticated than Bali, it is no less impressive.

village in Lombok

Accommodation and Hotels at Lombok

Lombok has a wide range of hotels. Not only in Mataram but also in other smaller towns you will find decent and cheap accommodation. The Gili Islands have plenty of resorts with all the facilities you could wish for.

village in Lombok

Getting there and away

See for more info about coming to Lombok our main Nusa Tenggara page.

Most of the hotels in Lombok provide renting a motorbike to go around the island. Before you ride off, make sure the motorbike has working brakes and the gear system works proper. It is certainly worth to visit some of the villages around the island. While getting around, dress conservative not to offend the locals.

Of course most travelers will either visit Mataram and/or the Gili Islands. Here's where you can find more about accommodation:

village in Lombok

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