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Bicycling in Zuid Holland
Leiden, Leidschendam, Delft, Kinderdijk and the roads along the Zuid Holland Lakes

I've done quite a big of bicycling in Zuid Holland, one of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. Zuid Holland, to me is less interesting in some ways then North Holland. But that said, there are some amazing places to visit.

Cycling along the Amstel
Bicycling in Zuid Holland, here a photo made along the Amstel

The main places to visit in Zuid Holland are Leiden, Leiderdorp, Delft and the windmills of Kinderdijk. But this doesn't mean other places are not worth.

The Hague is popular, with the Scheveningen beach. There are plenty of lakes all over Zuid Holland, all scenic and worth to cycle around.

If we start again in Amsterdam ...

Along the Amstel you find many windmills
Along the Amstel you find many windmills

Cycling out of Amsterdam can be two ways. Unless you haven't been to Haarlem, I would recommend visit Haarlem first. Otherwise, in Amsterdam, follow the direction to Amsterdam Zuid (RAI).

From here follow the bicycle road markers to Ouderkerk and de Amstel. The road leads along the Amstel river and is scenic. You can follow the motorway to Abcoude too, but this is not a nice way.

Fietspad - bicycle lane

Should you like to make a loop back to Amsterdam, consider the road to Nes a/d Amstel, Uithoorn and then Mijdrecht and back to Amsterdam following the directions to Waverveen and Ouderkerk a/d Amstel.

For going further south, when you arrive in Uithoorn, take the direction to Mijdrecht but when you cross the bridge, follow the direction to Amstelhoek and De Hoef.

This road is scenic and follows the Amstel further south to Noorden and Woerden before moving to Utrecht.

Alternative, you can cycle from Uithoorn to Aalsmeer and via Kaag and Leiderdorp to leiden. There are many alternatives, for example, take the road from Haarlem to Lisse and Hillegom to Leiden, which passes the famous flowerfields (Bloembollen streek).

Bicycling in Zuid Holland will eventually lead you to Leiden

All over South Holland you will find lakes and resting areas.

nieuwkoopse plassen zuid Holland

Let's say you follow directions to Leiden, which is an old University city. From here it's only a short ride to Den Haag (The Hague). Should you decide this, take the road through Voorschoten and Leidschendam. This is the more scenic and quiet road for bicycling in South Holland.


Signboards for bicycles in Zuid HollandThere are no real nice roads to cycle from The Hague to Delft and Rotterdam. It's mostly busy. And Rotterdam is a big ugly city to cycle. It's in fact grown all the way east for a few dozen km's.

The best option is probably to follow directions to Schiedam and Kinderdijk for the Windmills. Even more then Zaanse Schans, this is a magnificent place to be, there are long bike rides to make in this area if you go further east. This way you can skip the urban areas. Follow for example the polder roads to Gorinchem, another old town along the river.

Here you can decide: going north to Culemborg and Utrecht or going south to Heusden, Waalwijk and Tilburg in the province of Brabant.

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