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Thailand, the land of the smile is an excellent country to explore on bicycle. We offer a selection of organized bicycle tours Thailand.

Biking the South of Thailand (10D/9N)

The Biking the south of Thailand tour starts in Bangkok but moves quickly to southern Thailand. There is much to explore by bicycle. South Thailand is much more than beaches. You will find yourself back in the limestone mountains around Krabi, rubber plantations, rain forests and of course many beaches. Your bicycle journey will give you the opportunity to shoot photos of places few travelers to south Thailand ever visit.

Pak Meng beach, south Thailand
Pak Meng beach which you will visit in the Biking the south of Thailand
as part of bicycle tours Thailand

The journey starts with an overnight train ride to Trang. From here you will cycle to Pak Meng, Krabi and Ao Luk. You will visit Phang Nga Bay (James Bond Island) and Khao Sok National Park.

The trail will bring you further to Phuket where white sandy beaches and warm blue water awaits you.

Siam Boran (Historical) Bicycle Tour

Cycle into the old heart of the capital of Thailand, cross the river and visit the former capital and temples. You will further visit the flower- and vegetable markets, find your way through the buzzling Chinatown and have a great BBQ meal at the end of the tour. You wouldn't believe you can cycle Bangkok until you've done this tour.

Cycling in north Thailands Doi InthanonNorth Thailand Cycling Expedition (13D/12N)

The North Thailand Cycling Expedition tour will show you historical temples, amazing rainforests with spectacular waterfalls and isolated almost forgotten villages in a package unavailable anywhere else.

It all starts in Bangkok and fly from there to Chiang Mai to explore the north of Thailand including the famous Golden Triangle.

My particular favorite in this area is the beautiful Doi Inthanon National Park (did you know Thailand has 102 national parks (including 21 marine national parks!), which is a real must to visit. (see the photo).

Thailand Bike Adventure (7D/6N)

This tour starts in Bangkok and moves quickly to Khao Yai National Park, north east of Bangkok. Here you will trek amongst the park's many trails. Animals for sure to be seen include hornbills, monkeys and other indigenous animals. The trekking includes a visit to the spectacular Haew Suwat Waterfall.

Your journey continues as you spend the next three days cycling through rural Thailand. You will cycle on minor (quiet) local roads and an occasional dirt track, find local villages where few if any tourist ever comes and find some amazing sceneries

From Khao Yai you will cycle along the Khao Ta Leo mountains toward the riverside town of Gaeng Hinh Poeng. 

The next two days are spent riding along the Thai/Cambodian border toward the town of Soi Dao. Along the way, you will stop at waterfalls, local markets, and anywhere you wish to stop for a rest or a photo opportunity. 

This part of Thailand is seldom visited by mainstream tourist and worth a visit. It's an area where you can see wild elephants, monkeys, hornbills and even, if you are lucky pythons.

Cycling in Thailand, Wildlife in Thailand
Wildlife in Thailand

Mae Kampong Eco Tour - Chiang Mai (Thailand)

The Mae Kampong Eco Tour - Chiang Mai is one day charitable tour. It will brings you in the Thai countryside around Chiang Mai. You will stop at local markets and select here the ingredients for your lunch. Continue to Mae Kampong village to meet villagers.

Charitable travel in North ThailandThe people of Mae Kampong have maintained their own dialect of Thai and keep traditional culture unique to the area. Take a short walk through the community forest, passing tea and coffee fields.

Return to the village in time to watch lunch being prepared by your host family to see how Thai food is prepared in the countryside.

After lunch relax with Thai traditional massage and take a walk around the village to see the processing of fermented tea leaves, and various products which are hand-made in the village. Late this afternoon drive back through the mountains to Chiang Mai.

Baan Kingkaew Orphanage - Chiang Mai (Thailand)

"Everyone deserves to be loved". The Baan Kingkaew Orphanage was opened in 1966 through the generous donations of a Thai lady. With the assistance of your guide, volunteer your own time to help local nannies feed and play with the 50 orphans. This Chiang Mai day trip offers an unforgettable opportunity to truly connect with the people of Thailand.  (recommended!!)

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