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Bicycle touring from Yangshuo to Nanning
via direction Wuzhou

There are several ways for bicycle touring from Yangshuo to Nanning. The one most cyclists use goes through Liuzhou, see my story here. I've also cycled Hong Kong to Yangshuo several times including through Wuzhou, here is that story.

Junction with the Silver Cave on the way to Lipu
Junction with the Silver Cave on the way to Lipu

But there is another interesting possibility. This road leads also to Lipu but from there it goes south to Mengshan. Although Lipu is only 45 km from Yangshuo, you may decide to stay a night in Lipu as the distance to Mengshan is almost 90km.

This road, the G321, will ultimately lead you to Wuzhou and even to Zhaoqing and Guangzhou. In 2010 I cycled it all the way from Gaoming (there are no longer boats to either Zhaoqing or Wuzhou) to Zhaoqing. Here is that story.

Bicycle touring from Lipu to Taiping
Bicycle touring from Lipu to Taiping

But bicycle touring from Yangshuo to Nanning follows a slightly different direction.

Lipu to Taiping

The journey from Lipu takes 2 days and with a stop in Mengshan. A few years ago the whole road was repaired and is now in excellent condition. With the opening of the express way from Guilin to Guangzhou the amount of traffic is significantly less, at times hardly existing except for a little bit of local traffic. This it's excellent for cycling.

Both Mengshan and Taiping have little to offer to make your stay memorable but there's hotels and food but they are pleasant overnight stops on a partly scenic road.

Taiping, junction with road to Wuzhou and Nanning
Taiping, junction with road to Wuzhou and Nanning

In Taiping (85 km south of Mengshan) you have the choice of going south to Wuzhou (about 100km) or going westwards to Nanning.

Taiping to Binjiang and Nanning

The next stop in your bicycle touring adventure to Nanning is Guiping, just over 100km from Taiping (105). It's a pleasant ride without becoming anywhere spectacular. Still it's a lot nicer than what is to come.

Binjiang, but it looks exactly the same as Guiping and Guigang
Binjiang, but it looks exactly the same as Guiping and Guigang

The next 100km go through mostly flat (and when I cycled here it was January) and brown-green lands. I stopped after another 100 km in Guigang, and again this is a forgettable city.

The road becomes busier from here on but it gets more busy after Litang once you have passed the junction in Tantang with the G209 which leads to Liuzhou.

The very pleasant road from Binjiang to Nanning

The very pleasant road from Binjiang to Nanning.

After 95 km I arrived in Xinbin. I stayed in Xinbin, the twin town with Binjiang, a much larger and just as uninteresting city as Guiping and Guigang.

From here on it gets much nicer. Binjiang doesn't suggest it but the road out of town that leads into the hills is quiet and scenic although I admit it looks better in warm weather when the fields are green, flowers blossom and the sky is blue.

The first 35 km or so are in a rolling land on quiet roads but once reached the highest point it goes quickly down into the lowlands. You will pass several villages until after 90 km you arrive in Nanning. 

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